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Tridon Hose Clamp Wall Merch (120Pk) - CM4DC

SKU: A1011641

$963 each

  • Perforated Band Clamp Merchandiser
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Series HAS / MAH
  • Plastic Shell Wall Mount Display
  • Contains 120 clamps
  • Size Range 6 - 64mm
  • 15 x MAH004 Micro Clamp (6-16mm)
  • 15 x MAH006 Micro Clamp (11-22mm)
  • 15 x HAS010 Regular Clamp (14-27mm)
  • 15 x HAS012 Regular Clamp (18-32mm)
  • 15 x HAS016 Regular Clamp (21-38mm)
  • 15 x HAS024 Regular Clamp (27-51mm)
  • 15 x HAS028 Regular Clamp (33-57mm)
  • 15 x HAS032 Regular Clamp (40-64mm)
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Tridon Hose Clamp Wall Merch (120Pk)

Sometimes it's not the big engine components that fail that leave you stranded on the side of the road. It can be as simple as the proverbial $2 part that gives way and leaves you stuck facing a potentially costly bill and a headache you'd rather not have. One of the sometimes smallest and often overlooked parts in your engine bay are the hose clamps that secure the myriad of hoses that traverse almost every component. Whether it be an EFI hose, turbo hose, coolant hose or any number vacuum lines, these all rely on the holding power of a quality hose clamp to ensure they do their job correctly.

Using a correct sized and application specific hose clamp ensures you can have the confidence that your vehicle is as the manufacturer specifies and can face the loads and pressures required. Due to the many torturous conditions these components face they are usually built with part or all stainless steel and come in a variety of formats to ensure you get the sealing and hold pressure required. Some of the hose clamps that are used on vehicles today are:
  • Turbo Hose Clamp - Also referred to a T Bolt clamp for its use of a bolted fastener to apply significant clamping force and uniform tension around the whole diameter of hose. Subject to significant turbo boost pressure these clamps ensure air is delivered to the intake manifold without external leaks.
  • EFI Hose Clamp - A smaller version of a traditional perforated band clamp these usually have an extended tang to shield the fuel hose from perforations or damage to soft rubber fuel lines. Also subject to fuel under pressure whilst being delivered to the fuel injectors.
  • Perforated Hose Clamp - Used on many of the cooling hoses that run through an engine bay. Various sizes and diameters are used for larger top and bottom radiator hoses.

As can be seen, the role that hose clamps play in the daily running of your vehicle cannot be under-estimated and the potential for expensive repairs if left unchecked is certainly possible. Don't risk it and any periodic maintenance on your vehicle should involve close inspection of these to keep you on the road. Browse online or come into Repco today and see the full range of quality hose clamps we stock for whatever application you require.

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