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Repco Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 1740mm - 6PK1740RB

SKU: A1219655

$89 each

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  • OEM quality, fit and performance
  • Specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for the demanding Australian automotive conditions
  • Rigorously tested, ensuring OEM fit and performance is met, if not exceeded
  • Constructed from EPDM Rubber Compound with Polyester Cord for superior belt life
  • EPDM Rubber offers excellent resistance to Heat, Oil, and Chemicals

OEM quality and performance - Repco Drive Belt Range

Repco's Drive Belt range is designed specifically for the Australian market and offers customers OEM quality and performance for most popular makes and models at a price to suit your budget.

Repco's Multi-Rib Drive Belts are constructed from EPDM Rubber Compound with Polyester Cord for increased heat, oil and chemical resistance, providing a longer belt life. Repco drive belts ensure your engine can operate smoothly and reliably between belt changes. Drive belt failure is never a good thing, all of your engines vital accessories and ancillaries run on drive belts so good belt contact, shape retention and overall health is key. A broken drive belt can leave you without air-conditioning on a hot day, stranded on the side of the road with a non-functioning alternator or can even result in catastrophic engine failure as a result of fan belt and engine overheating.

Drive Belts should be replaced every 4-years or 100,000km (depending on vehicle) but can fail earlier as a result of misalignment or damage caused by the harsh under-bonnet conditions. It's a great idea to glance over your engine bay routinely and check for any parts needing replacement including your drive belts. If you're not too sure how to tell if your drive-belt needs replacing before its due date, follow this simple guide below.

Signs of Drive Belt failure:

  • Cracks on the rubber surface
  • Uneven rib wear
  • Excessive noise
  • Tearing on the rubber surface
  • Oil contamination
  • Dry appearance

Because the components in the drive belt system all wear at the same rate, it is recommended that you replace your drive belt, tensioner and pulleys at the same time to prevent future issues.

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Drive Belt - Multi Ribbed
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