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Gates Drive Belt - 7PK2325

SKU: A1217585

$106 each

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  • Advanced Belt Technology by Gates, - Lasts up to 50% longer.
  • Ultimate Dependability - Eliminates belt noise and pre mature failure by utilising materials like Aramid Fibre found in bullet proof vests and crack and heat resistant EPDM materials.
  • Improves Component Performance - Compensates for worn and misaligned components in high kilometre vehicles through superior stability.

Gates Drive Belt

From inventing the first rubber V-belt in 1917 to one hundred years later, Gates have remained at the forefront of drive belt innovation and technology to ensure that whatever vehicle you drive you can benefit from a belt that has been rigorously tested and designed to last. Whether banded, linked, flat, round, double V or specialized V-belt types, Gates are the global experts in developing v-belts.

Designed with OE quality and standards their range of drive belts are constructed using materials that puts more flexibility along the length of the belt, yet gives the belt greater lateral stability in the pulley. All Gates drive belts are engineered for wear resistance, quiet performance and some of the tightest tolerances in the industry to ensure your vehicle will benefit from Gates' expertise and drive to produce the best performing drive belts in the market. So how do you know when a drive belt or multi accessory belt on your vehicle needs changing?

  • If there is a squealing noise coming from the front of the vehicle when the engine is running. This could be due to slippage or misalignment of the belt.
  • Engine overheating as the belt is not turning the water pump to circulate coolant in the engine.
  • Power steering or air conditioning not working. This will become evident if the belt has broken and isn't turning both the power steering pump or the air conditioning compressor.
  • Damage or wear on the belt. As a general rule these belts are meant to last up to 80,000 kilometres but can go longer dependant on conditions. Be sure to check regularly the condition of your belts and replace if visible wear or damage exists.

As well as a comprehensive range of drive belts, Gates are the market leaders in coolant and radiator hoses and timing kits for just about any vehicle on the road today. Using our handy online rego search tool will help to identify which Gates product is right for your vehicle and you can shop online or use our click and collect service and pick up your purchase within 30 minutes at a Repco store near you.