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Repco Timing Belt Kit - RTTK179

SKU: A1221079

$164 kit

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  • Designed to meet or exceed OEM Quality and Performance
  • Specifically designed for the Australian market
  • OEM quality components from OEM and Aftermarket Manufacturers in Europe and Asia
  • Includes individual vehicle fitting instructions
  • Backed by a nationwide Service Interval Warranty

Timing is everything, so choose Repco timing kits or timing components

Repco Timing Kits are designed to high quality and performance specifications, undergoing a strict development process which includes sourcing components from industry leading OEM and Aftermarket suppliers to offer a range designed specifically for the Australian market. Repco Timing Kits allow you to replace all the critical timing system components at the same time by offering all the components in a single kit. Standard features of every kit are, Service interval warranty on every Repco Timing Kit, OE Quality components with all seals and installation grease included as well as Industry style numbering for easy identification. Also featuring Vehicle fitting instructions, some kits also provide extra seals to cover application date changes where applicable. Including any extra hardware such as bolts and springs where applicable you know you have everything close at hand to complete the job using a quality replacement Repco Timing Kit.

Whether done via a chain or belt, the timing of your vehicle's engine is something you don't want to leave to chance. Worn or faulty components in any stage of this process can lead to big headaches and even bigger bills if not attended to when signs become evident. It is also clear why vehicle manufacturers insist on periodic replacement of your cambelt or timing belt whether it looks to need it or not. Don't be left at the side of the road with a snapped belt or chain or consuming fuel and idling rough due to loose or worn tensioners. Use quality Repco timing kits or parts to keep your engine in time and you on the road.

Timing belts or chains are used to control the opening and closing of inlet and exhaust valves by linking the crankshaft to the camshaft. Like any other part in your vehicles engine these are subject to heat, stress and continual wear, and over time need replacing to keep you on the road. In the past most vehicle manufacturers used chains similar to bike chains for this operation but to make things smoother and quieter have switched to strong rubber belts that use nylon re-enforcement. Of course a rubber belt will be less forgiving than a metal chain and when these let go the results can be catastrophic and extremely costly.

4 Basic symptoms of a failing or failed timing belt can be shown through,

  • Misfiring or rough idling - This occurs when the timing belt becomes worn and the timing does not synchronise between crankshaft and camshaft.
  • Broken or damaged valves or pistons - Due to modern engine running with such fine tolerances a broken belt may cause internal damage when the valve doesn't close in time prior to the piston reaching top dead centre in the cylinder. This is the most catastrophic of results and will usually require a full rebuild or replacement engine costing thousands.
  • Oil leaks - These can occur when one or more of the various seals between the engine and the timing components perish and leak. The severity of this can range from oil on the timing components causing them to deteriorate and wear prematurely through to slipping and incorrectly timed belts from oil covered tensioners
  • Smoke from the exhaust - When the timing of an engine is out due to worn or aged components the combustion cycle may not be fully complete and will produce smoke from unburnt fuel.

Get your engine running right and fit a new replacement timing kit or individual timing components to give you the peace of mind that your car is operating efficiently and ready to clock up the kilometres. Browse online using our handy Rego search tool or come in store today and chat to one of our friendly staff about what parts you need.