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Mounts - Engine & Gearbox

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Kelpro Engine Mount - MT9750
SAS Engine Mount - Front - E435
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT9040
SAS Rear Engine Mount - E385
SAS Engine Mount - E1030F
SAS Engine Mount - E1030R
SAS Engine Mount - E4069

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Sas Front Engine Mount - E523
SAS Engine Mount - E816
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT8942
SAS Engine Mount - Front - E210
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT9198
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT8746
Sas Engine Mount - E989
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT8272
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT8283
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT9151
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT8747
Kelpro Engine Mount - MT9887
Showing 1 - 19 of 1384 products

Broken And Worn Engine Mounts Give Off The Wrong Vibrations

Get The Best In Quality Motor Mounts At Repco

Your engine and gearbox rely on the stability and cushioning of durable engine mounts, so whether it is a liquid filled engine mount or a standard rubber engine mount you can trust Repco to provide the right engine mount for your vehicle. Stocking the best brands from Kelpro, Mackay, Swag, Vaico, and Sasic, Repco have the engine and gearbox mounts designed specifically for your vehicle.

Sign's You Have A Worn Engine Mounts

Engine & gearbox mounts are designed to cushion movement and to absorb vibration, leading to a comfortable ride. Over time however these mounts can fail, which lead to significant vibrations and discomfort for the driver and passengers. Engine and gearbox mounts can become worn for various reasons, such as oil or brake fluid leaks onto the engine mounts, weathering, and old age.

If you notice any of the below symptoms, it is important to get a replacement engine mount to ensure further damage isn't caused to other components of your engine.

  • Excessive vibration - this is one of the most common symptoms that will occur when your engine mounts need replacing. An engine mount is designed to absorb vibration so when the material of the mount becomes weak and perishes, they are no longer effective in cushioning this vibration. This vibration may be noticed at high speeds, or if significantly damaged may consistently vibrate whilst driving.
  • Wear and superficial damage - Checked regularly you will sometimes see clear details on the overall health of your engine and gearbox mounts. Inspection of your engine and gearbox mounts is a simple case of having a good look, you will often need to shine a light inside the engine bay to ensure you haven't missed anything. If you notice any small cracks, wear marks, rubber perishing, or any other symptoms, it is time to replace the old rugged motor mounts.
  • Bumpy ride - cars with a manual transmission may notice when changing gear an excessive amount of jolting. This may be more obvious when travelling at higher speeds as your engine will be working harder at higher speeds. If you notice this jolting to be more obvious than it ever was, it will pay to check your engine bay to see if the engine mounts have wear and tear in them.
  • Unusual Noise - If your engine mounts are worn out, you may notice a clucking noise when driving. This noise will be caused due to the engine moving around as the mounts perished, therefore, are not securing the engine in place.

In most cases you can get away with replacing one engine mount instead of a pair but always be mindful that one broken mount will transfer additional stress to the other mounts so these may also be damaged in the process.

Repco Have The Right Gearbox Or Engine Mount For Your Vehicle

When it comes time to get a replacement engine and gearbox mount, you can count on Repco. We strive to provide you with the best when it comes to quality parts for your vehicle, leaving you satisfied knowing you have reliable parts under the one roof. Our Engine and gearbox mounts are manufactured to meet and exceed OEM specifications and guidelines.

Our range of engine and gearbox mounts feature:

  • Premium quality rubber construction.
  • Reduces shudders, vibrations and knocks from worn engine mounts.
  • OEM matching quality, fit and performance.

Vehicle Shop Online And In-store To Find A Replacement Engine And Gearbox Mount

Here at Repco, we offer a wide range of high-quality engine and gearbox mounts for vehicles of all makes and models, ensuring you can find exactly what you need when looking to replace motor mounts. Whether it's an SUV, a 4WD or a hatchback, we cater to your needs.

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