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TRW Brake Hose - PHD975

SKU: A1219255

$79 each

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  • 10% reduction in volumetric expansion rate (AMECA Industry benchmark test) for better stopping times and superior pedal feel.
  • Exact concentric fitting holes - especially important for advanced Anti-Lock (ABS) & Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • 100% zinc coated end fittings
  • Exceptional flexibility +13%, optimal protection against chemicals with four layer EPDM
  • Pressure tested up to 200 bar
  • Destructive burst test up to 1100 bar
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TRW Brake Hoses exceed OE standards

By winning first place in an industry benchmark test for Volumetric Expansion TRW Brake Hoses prove they are one of the best brake hoses on the market. The test was carried out by AMECA (Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency. This gives drivers superior brake pedal feel and improves the time taken to stop a vehicle.

With over 1,400 Brake hoses that cover 87% of the European vehicle car parc as well as references for major Japanese and Korean vehicle makers including Honda, Toyota, KIA, Mazda, Nissan & Hyundai, TRW cover most vehicles. The high pressure brake hoses are made from rubber, Polytetrafluoroethylene(PFTE), steel or a combination of steel and rubber. The metal parts are 100% zinc coated to protect against corrosion and 4 layer high quality fabric that gives tremendous flexability and resists chemicals, humidity, fuels and grease.

Brake hoses need to be inspected at regular intervals for cracks, leaks and damage. TRW recommends replacing them every 5 years or 50,000Km. TRW prides itself on having exact concentric holes in the fitting which guarrantee an optimum flow of brake fluid through the hose. They are tested to 200 bar and destructive burst tested to 1100 bar. It is then given a brake fuid compatability test, conducted in a heated oven (120 degrees C) for 3 days. This is followed by a volumetric expansion test and a whip check to ensure a pressure of 20 bar is kept constant at 800rpm. This extreme testing is carried out so that the brake hoses you buy will perform reliably no matter where you drive your vehicle.

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