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CRC Multilube Gel 500ml - 5014

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  • Penetrating gel - Applied as an oil, it penetrates on application, evaporates very quickly within 5 to 10 seconds and sets as a gel-like grease
  • Odourless & clear
  • Does not attract dust
  • Fresh & salt water proof
  • High pressure & heat resistant
  • Adhesive qualities
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents, free from silicones, resins & acids
  • Wide temperature range -35 degrees C to +300 degrees C
  • Includes Permastraw Dual-Action Spray System
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CRC Multilube Gel 500ml

CRC Multilube Gel is a unique synthetic penetrating gel specifically formulated to provide a clean, odourless lubricant for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. It contains friction modifiers, anti-wear additives and tacking agents, does not drip off or fling off at high speed and resists hot and cold wash-off for long-lasting protection. It is ideally suited for highly loaded reciprocal moving parts and for general use in heavy industries, workshops, automotive and around the home workshop. Applied as a clear oil with excellent capillary action CRC Multilube Gel penetrates quickly into tight areas before solvents evaporate leaving a waterproof load bearing gel that stays in place and withstands high pressure and shock load conditions. The speedy shift in viscosity provides both, excellent penetration action and premium staying power. Temperature range from -35°,C to +300°,C Uses Industrial & Workshops - Forklift truck chains, hoists, conveyors (also overhead conveyors), coupling mechanisms, overhead door drive systems. Automotive - Door stops on cars, valve stems, sliding rails for venting roofs, sliding doors, car seats, suspension bushings, door lock/window mechanisms, hood shocks, throttle cables, cruise control cables, mechanical linkages. General - Hinge mechanisms, tractors and farm equipment, car wash equipment, marine use, special steel screws.

Manufacturing over 1300 chemical products for a variety of industries means that when it comes to specialist chemical products for your vehicle, CRC have you covered. Whether it be Brakleen brake cleaner, Maniseal exhaust putty or Aerostart engine starter, these are just some of the iconic names produced by CRC that have become synonymous in the Australian and New Zealand automotive landscape over the last 50 years.

CRC Industries produce automotive car care and chemicals under the Kitten Ultra, Re-Po, So Easy and CRC brands to offer specific products suited for a multitude of automotive applications. Whether in the engine bay, under car, interior or exterior there are a multitude of specialised cleaners, solvents, polishes and more developed for your vehicle.

CRC's innovative research and development team continually develops new and improved products to help you do your job faster, easier and safer. With on-site manufacturing of products this allows the highest level of control over all production processes thereby offering guaranteed quality. Engineered and tested by their quality control department guarantees consistent quality and performance from every product in their extensive range.

Founded over 50 years ago, CRC Industries have been developing and continually refining their vast range of quality automotive products to give you the best when it comes to caring for your vehicle. With most products available in handy to use aerosol configurations means you can have the right can within easy reach and ready for action. Don't be using inferior car care or cleaning products when any of the CRC range offers quality formulations and superior performance.

Stocking not just quality CRC products, we carry all the big name brands in our car care, grease and lubricant and degreasers and cleaning ranges to make Repco your one stop shop.