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Moreys Red-I Marine Grease 450g - 43004MG

SKU: A1083567

$35 each

  • Recommended for marine use, wheel bearings inc. disc brake applications, chassis lube and outboards.
  • Operating temperature range -20c to 230c with a dropping point of 288c.
  • Environmentally conscious.
  • Reduced maintenance expenses because stay in place and lubricate attribute, means less frequent greasing intervals.
  • Extreme pressure protection, meets 85 pounds Timken OK load test.

A unique, premium, heavy duty EP Multi-Purpose grease designed around the environmentally conscious user. RED-i Watersport Marine Utility Grease is a premium heavy duty, EP Multi-Purpose Lithium Complex grease fortfied with polymers, anti-wear agents, tackiness additives and rust and corrosion inhibitors. This grease is designed to ”,stay-in-place”, and lubricate under the most severe operating conditions found in marine service. It is unsurpassed in resisting water wash-out and protecting against wear in shock loading applications.

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