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Moreys Cartridge Grease 450g - 40004EP

SKU: A1082769

$32 each

  • Outstanding wide temperature range grease (-20 degreesF. to 300 degreesF. operating temperatures). Exceptionally low start-up resistance, outstanding water washout resistance.
  • Resists bearing leakage at higher temperatures, excellent shock load-carrying ability.
  • Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surfaces.
  • Excellent EP (extreme pressure) protection against high loads and wear.
  • NLGI Certified GC-LB in wheel bearing and chassis applications.

A premium tacky-adhesive multi-purpose EP waterproof grease designed to ”,stay in place”, in automotive, industrial, heavy-duty fleet, farm equipment, and marine applications. MOREY’,S SUPER RED EP-MP2 GREASE is a premium, heavy duty, EP Multi-purpose grease fortified with polymers, tackiness additives, high viscosity base oils, rust, and oxidation inhibitors. Its advanced formulation provides a product unsurpassed in adhesive and film strength quality.

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