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Car Stereos & Head Units

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Kenwood Head Unit with Dual Bluetooth/USB - DPX-M3300BT
Kenwood Head Unit with Bluetooth/USB - KMM-BT208
JVC Head Unit with Bluetooth/USB - KD-X482BT
JVC Double Din Head Unit with CD / Bluetooth / iPod / USB - KW-R950BT
JVC 6.8in Display Head Unit with Capacitive Screen - KW-M150BT
Pioneer Head Unit with Bluetooth/USB - MVHS215BT

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

6.8 in AV Touchscreen Head Unit with Bluetooth
Nakamichi Single Din Head Unit - NQ711B
Pioneer Single DIN Head Unit - DEHS4250BT
Nakamichi 7IN CarPlay & Android Auto - NAM3510-M7
Pioneer 6.2in AV Display Multimedia Mechless Head Unit - DMHA245BT
JVC 6.8in Touchscreen Head Unit with Bluetooth/USB - KW-M180BT
Sony 6.2Inch Touchscreen Apple CarPlay Head Unit  - XAVAX1000
Kenwood 6.8in Touchscreen Head Unit with Android Mirroring - DMX1025BT
Pioneer Single DIN Head Unit - MVHS325BT
Sony 6.95Inch Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Head Unit - XAVAX3200
Pioneer Double Din Head Unit with Bluetooth - FHS725BT
Axis 12/24V Mechless Reciever - AX1801BT
Showing 1 - 19 of 22 products

Car Audio for the Sound Enthusiast - Head Units

Shop Our Range of Car Stereos

Be rocking out to the latest banging tune or enjoying crisp symphonic sound when you upgrade your car stereo to a new head unit from Repco. With the bestselling head units from JVC, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and others, you can create the concert experience right in the driver's seat. Our head units are loaded with features and the latest updates to give you seamless functionality between the head unit and your mobile device.

Either upgrading your old single DIN or going to a new double DIN head unit, it is a big step up from your old car radio. The DIN (Duetch Industri Normen) refers to a head unit's height with double DIN head units being twice as tall. New units have music streaming and bluetooth phone capabilities at a minimum so you are never out of touch while playing your favourite tune. There is even a single DIN head unit with reverse camera.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I choose a Head Unit for my car?

Functionality is the number one driver. If you are going to spend the money, what do you need it to do for you? Ideally an Apple Carplay head unit or an Android Auto head unit depending on your smartphone gives you the greatest benefit. Then do you need a reverse camera? Do you have spotify or some other music streaming service? Google Maps other some other mapping App.

You need the head unit to work in with your phone as closely as possible. List down all the things you want so you can tick items off when looking through the head units. If you want Carplay or Android Auto you will need to install a Double DIN head unit.

Will the Head Unit fit my Car?

If you want Android Auto or Apple Carplay then a double DIN head unit is what you need. You will need to pull out the old car stereo and replace it. Aerpro is your best friend when it comes to this. They specialise in making parts like facia kits, wiring harnesses, steering wheel controllers, etc to help you adapt your new head unit to your vehicle. Unfortunately they don't have it for all vehicles although they do cover a lot of them.

Even if you can't get everything you need from Aerpro, it is still worth exploring options. Most Repco stores have a good installer they can recommend so it is worth having a discussion to get the functionality you want.

Do I need Speakers an Amplifer and a Subwoofer?

I would say absolutey to the speakers and a may be to the amp (amplifier) and sub (subwoofer). Why put in the new head unit and listen to it through rubbish speakers? All head units have built in amps so if money is a concern, get speakers that work with the head unit amp. This is important as some speakers need a separate amp to run them and the built in head unit amp is not that powerful.

If you have the money invest in the amp and then you can fit any speaker to it. If you like bass you will need the amp to run a sub. Most amps should be able to run speakers and a sub. Subs can be boot mounted and sound great.

The trick is when buying the head unit see if you can bundle in whatever else you need as far as speakers, amp and sub go. Most stores should be able to cut you a deal if buying the lot. Don't forget to add in the Aerpro products and a reverse camera if required.

Our Range Of Car Stereos

For the best in-car entertainment, check out our full range of car audio and car head units. We aim to provide next-level service across Australia and New Zealand when it comes to automotive products. Have full control of your sounds system in your car whether you are looking for quality, a particular brand, or a visual appeal. Repco has a car head unit for everyone, use our store location finder to find our operating hours and find out product availability. Unsure where to begin, contact our friendly staff to find out details and prices on an array of car stereos. Alternatively, search online and checkout using our click & collect or click and delivery service.

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