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Aerpro Aerial Adaptor Lead - Male - 7 APA55
Antech Aerial - Roof Mount Whip (Black)
Antech Harada Fully Automatic - Silver
Aerpro European - Standard Adaptor
Antech Aerial - Cowl Mount Rubber Whip
Antech Aerial - Roof Mount Whip 5mm
Antech Aerial - Inline Pillar Mount Silver 1.2m
Motogard Swivel Base Rubber Aerial - MGA7
Aerpro European - Standard Adaptor
Antech Aerial - Adjustable Cowl Mount Rubber Whip
Antech Aerial
Antech Aerial
Antech Aerial - Gutter Grip 1m Silver
Antech Aerial Mast Assembly Commodore VN-VY
Raptor Aerial Adapter - NI12
Aerial Adaptor Lead Hyundai/Kia - 7 APA63
Motogard Fully Auto Electric Aerial - MGPA2
Antech Aerial - Pillar Mount Silver 1.2m
Raptor Audio Access Aerial Adapter Suzuki Male - SZ10
Showing 1 - 20 of 70 products

Get a clear signal with our range of aerials and antennas

Boost your signal with the Repco range of car aerials and antennas available in a wide range of options.

Aerials are essential items for your car, to help transmit and receive radio signals, but did you know there are dozens of types of car antennas and aerials available?

From typical extending aerials to 'bee sting' antenna, we have everything you need to fit or replace the radio receiver on your car. If you use UHF CB Radio or similar devices, we can help you out with an antenna suited for transmitting radio signals too.

Look no further than your local Repco store with over 400 locations, you are sure to find the car aerial or antenna you are looking for.

Or if you don't have the time to browse the shelves, then look online, it takes a couple of clicks and its done and choose the most convenient location for collecting your item.

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