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Projecta Voltage Sensitive Relay Kit 100A 12V - VSR100K

SKU: A1218414

$265 each

  • Kit includes:100A voltage sensitive relay (P/No. VSR100), rocker switch, lugs, terminals, heat shrink & cable ties, 4m main cable & 60cm aux earth cable (6 B&S), auxiliary battery terminals (2 x pos, 1 x neg)
  • Priority charging - Ensures main battery is charged before connecting to auxiliary
  • Comprehensive kit - Includes everything for an easy and professional installation
  • Manual override - Can be used to jumpstart your vehicle in the event of a flat starting battery
  • Surge protection - Built-in pr

Projecta Voltage Sensitive Relay Kit - Everything you need to wire up your dual battery system

With everything you need to wire up your dual battery system in your car, 4x4, camper van, camper trailer or any other outdoor adventure rig, the Projecta Voltage Sensitive Relay Kit is a one-stop shop for equipping your vehicle with all your favourite 12V accessories. The intelligent voltage sensitive relay connects your car's factory fitted starting battery used to power all of the regular car functions with an additional 12V deep cycle battery which suppliers power to any multitude of aftermarket accessories including fridges, lights, radios or any other 12V accessories you can think of. The voltage sensitive relay reads battery voltage to make sure that starting battery charge is maintained as you drive while also supplying charge to the second battery in the system meaning you can run accessories when the car is off an always have a full starting battery to get you back on the road with a simple turn of a key. This VSR (voltage sensitive relay) also includes a manual override function so you can use your second battery to start the car in case of a malfunction with the main starting battery.

As well as the voltage sensitive relay, this dual battery wiring kit also includes a rocker switch for the manual override and all the necessary lugs, terminals, heat shrink, cable ties, battery cable and battery terminals required to neatly, safely and reliably install your dual battery system. With just a few basic tools, you can get to installing your dual battery system and get on the road in no time with a safe and reliable power source for all of your 12V accessories. To shop our whole range of battery accessories and 4x4 and adventure gear to get your rig kitted out for the next bush adventure or coastal road trip, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store today.

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