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Energizer Coin Battery 1620 3V 1Pk - E000041000

SKU: A1012269

$8 each

  • Zero mercury
  • Leakage protection
  • Long lasting reliability - 20 year shelf life
  • Cell size - 1620
  • IEC - CR1620
  • Type - Lithium Coin
  • Volts - 3V
  • Replacement for: 280-208, BR1620, CR1620, DL1620, ECR1620
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Household Batteries – Providing portable power for decades

The Coin or Button Battery

The advent of the coin battery or button battery has revolutionised the portable electronics industry. They basically took a double A or Triple A battery and squashed it flat and added more power. These small chrome/silver batteries have a positive (+) top face and sides usually marked with a plus and battery details while the unmarked base is negative (-). They look like a coin or button which is how they got their names.

These are found in most watches, car keyless entry fob’s, camera’s, hearing aids, medical devices, toys and all computers so they can maintain their memory and remember what day it is. Size wise they can be up to 32mm in diameter and 1 to 11mm in height. The 3 or mostly 4 digit numbers on the battery is the size of it. If 4 digits, the first 2 numbers are the diameter in millimetres, if 3 digits, it is the first number. The last 2 numbers indicate the height of the battery in tenths of a millimetre.

Voltage wise they are usually either 3 or 1.5 Volts and this is normally marked on the battery. Their chemical make-up can be lithium, alkaline, silver oxide and zinc-air.

Lithium batteries are prefixed with ‘CR’ which breaks down as C= Lithium, R = Round (coin or button). They are 3V and some are rechargeable. They are lighter and function better in extreme temperatures. Shelf life is 10 years. You will also find some other prefixes in the lithium coin batteries

  • LiR prefix = Rechargeable Lithium Battery, higher voltage 3.2 to 3.9V, Round
  • BR Prefix = Lithium Battery with a different chemical makeup, 2.8 to 3V, Round
  • ECR Prefix = Lithium Battery made by Energiser. Same as CR.

Alkaline and silver oxide batteries are only 1.5 Volts. Their prefixes are:

  • LR prefix - L = Alkaline, R = Round (coin or button)
  • SR prefix - S = Silver Oxide, R = Round (coin or button)

The zinc-air are used in hearing aids so are very small and the plus (+) is about the only marking on them. They are 1.4 Volts and the packaging should have:

  • PR prefix - P = Zinc-Air, R = Round (coin or button)

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  • Swallowing may lead to serious injury in as little as 2 hours or death, due to chemical burns and potential perforation of the esophagus.
  • Never allow children to replace button batteries in any device.
  • If you suspect your child has swallowed or inserted a button battery, go immediately to A&E or call 0800 POISON (0800 764 766)
  • Regularly examine devices and make sure the battery compartment is correctly secured, e.g. that the screw or other mechanical fastener is tightened. Do not use if the compartment is not secure.
  • Flat batteries can still be dangerous. Dispose of used button batteries immediately and safely.
  • Tell others about the risk associated with button batteries and how to keep their children safe.

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