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Spanner & Wrench Sets

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Milwaukee 7pc Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set – Metric - 48229506
Repco 11 Piece Combination Spanner Set - Metric - RTK2510
Repco 7 Piece Ratcheting Spanner Set - Metric - RTKGW37M
Mechpro Blue 5 Piece Flare Nut Spanner Set - MPBSP107K
Mechpro Blue Double Ring End Spanner Set 8 Piece - MPBSP108K
Repco 7 Piece Ratcheting Spanner Set - AF - RTKGW37AF
Mechpro Blue 24 Piece Combination Spanner Set - MPBSP115K
Repco 11 Piece Combination Spanner Set - AF - RTK2500
Mechpro Blue 4-In-1 Ratcheting Wrench 3 Piece Set - MPBSP114K
Milwaukee 15pc Combination Wrench Set - SAE - 48229415
Repco 3 Piece Flare Nut Spanner Set  - Metric - RTK2555
Repco 4 Piece Flex Head Ratcheting Spanner Set - AF - RTKGW34AFF
Repco 18 Piece Combination Spanner Set - Metric / AF - RTK2600
Mechpro Blue 7 Piece Flex Head Ratcheting Spanner Set - MPBSP109K
Repco 7 Piece Stubby Gear Wrench Set Metric - RTKGWS37M
Repco 14 Piece Ratcheting Spanner EVA Tray - RTK39210
Repco 30 Piece Combination Spanner EVA Tray - RTK39213
Repco 27 Piece Ratcheting Spanner EVA Tray - RTK39209
Mechpro Blue 11 Piece Extra Long Spanner Set - MPBSP113K
Milwaukee 7pc Combination Wrench Set - Metric - 48229507
Showing 1 - 20 of 56 products

Nuts and Bolts are no match for our Spanner and Wrench sets at Repco

Shop Spanner & Wrench Sets

Using an adjustable wrench on your vehicle is a last resort. Any mechanic worth their salt knows you need to use a spanner or wrench set which is an exact fit on the nut or bolt head. At Repco we have a wide range of sets in metric and imperial sizes from brands like Repco, Milwaukee & Mechpro Blue

What Does a Spanner or wrench set do?

Spanner and wrench sets give you the correct tool for the job. They are designed to fit the head of a bolt or nut perfectly making fastening and removal very easy. Being tailored made means you need a range of them to cover the various different size nuts and bolts. So if you need an open end spanner set, the versatility of a ratcheting head ring spanner set, a slim line, extra long ring spanner or a flare nut set for your brake lines, nuts and bolts are no match for the firm grip and leverage that can be applied by our quality spanners and wrenches at Repco.

Why do I need a spanner or Wrench set

Being an exact fit greatly decreases the likelihood of the tool slipping, rounding the fastener and getting knuckle rash. Knuckle rash is a skin irritation caused by the tool slipping and your hand punching an engine component that is very unforgiving. Whether large or small, nut or bolt it makes no difference when it comes to the ease at which they are freed with a quality spanner set from your local Repco store.

What is the difference between a Spanner and a Wrench?

Note the difference between a spanner and a wrench is a spanner is the British name for the tool and wrench is the American name. Whether you order a spanner set or a wrench set or even a spanner wrench set they are the same tool. You can have different combinations of open end spanner, ring spanner and ratcheting ring spanner. Sets can be the same at both ends, just different sizes, double ring for example, a different size ring at each end of the spanner.

Our Range of Spanner & Wrench Sets

Repco prices on spanner sets are market competitive and account customers, garage owners and mobile mechanics trust the quality of Repco products. Stocking a number of quality combination spanner and wrench sets enable you to tighten or loosen any fastener. Shop our tools category and select the combination spanner or wrench set you need. Most stores have good stock availability, just use your suburb or postcode on our store locator to find your nearest one. You can view the description, availability and price of the items you are after on the website. When it comes to quality, range and price we have you covered at Repco.

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