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Socket Sets

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Mechpro Blue 24 Piece Socket Set 1/2in Drive - MPBSK157K
Hurry Sale Ends - 22/06/2021
Mechpro Blue 42 Piece Mechanics Tool Set - MPSK112K
Hurry Sale Ends - 22/06/2021
Mechpro Blue 128 Piece Automotive Tool Kit - MP220KCRV
Hurry Sale Ends - 22/06/2021
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Deep Socket Rail Set Metric 1/4In Drive - MPBSK122K
Repco Socket Set 73 Piece 1/4 3/8 & 1/2in Drive - RTKFASS3
Repco 17 Piece Go-Thru Socket Set 3/8in Drive - RTKFASS
Mechpro Blue 12 Piece Socket Set - MPBSK145K
Mechpro Blue 9 Piece Non-Slip Socket Set - MPBSK137K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Deep Socket Rail Set SAE 1/2In Drive - MPBSK127K
Mechpro Blue Socket Set 1/4In, 3/8In & 1/2In Drive 47 piece - MPBSK112K
Powerbuilt 52 Piece Socket Set - 1/4In & 3/8In Drive - KBT2810
Powerbuilt 30 Piece Socket Set - 1/4In Drive - KBT2773
Powerbuilt 3 Piece Wheel Nut Socket Set - KBT4037
Mechpro Blue Socket Set 27 Piece 3/8in Drive - MPSK104KCRV
Mechpro Blue 12 Piece Socket and Tune Up Set - MPBSK111K
Mechpro Blue Socket Rail Set Hex 11 Piece - Metric - MPBSK140K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Socket Rail Set SAE 1/2in Drive - MPBSK119K
Mechpro Blue 11 Piece Extra Long Hex Set - MPBSK146K
Repco 10 Piece Deep Rail Socket Set - RTK2256
Repco 26 Piece Socket Set - 3/4In Drive - RTK2173
Showing 1 - 20 of 111 products
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A socket set for every occasion, only at Repco

Selecting the right socket set for your intended jobs is the key to make sure you get value from your purchase for years to come. In some cases it may be worth considering larger format socket sets to cover more applications or add differently configured sets as time goes by and build your collection. For most automotive applications a comprehensive 3/8" drive socket set will allow you to complete most jobs however additional larger spanners and wrenches may need to be added for jobs like tow bars and some primary pulleys and balancers if required given their larger sizing. Socket & spanner combination sets can often be a good option if this is the starting point for your tool collection or simply looking to cover more job types for your money. Alternatively, purchasing a larger format tool chest or trolleycan give you the flexibility of adding tool for certain jobs over time. Smaller format socket sets with 1/4" drive can also be extremely useful for automotive applications and can be purchased separately or as part of a fuller kit. Any way you look at, Repco has the range and advice when making your next socket set purchase with our full range available online or at a Repco store near you.

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