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Mechpro Blue Extendable Ratchet 3/8in Drive - MPBSK109
Mechpro Blue Extendable Ratchet 1/2in Drive - MPBSK114
Repco Stubby Ratchet 1/2in Drive - RT21491
Repco Breaker Bar 3/8in Drive 250mm - RT21822
Repco Stubby Ratchet 1/4in Drive - RT22107
Mechpro Blue Teardrop Ratchet 1/2In Dr - MPBSK105
Milwaukee 3/8In Drive Ratchet - 48229038
Repco 108 Teeth Ratchet 1/4in Drive - RT22108
Repco Swivelling Head Ratchet 1/4in Drive - RT22115
Milwaukee 1/2In Drive Ratchet - 48229012
Mechpro Blue Extendable Ratchet 1/2in Drive - MPBSK110
Mechpro Blue Extendable Ratchet 3/8in Drive - MPBSK113
Repco Quick Release Ratchet 1/2in Drive - RT21480
Repco Ratchet With Offset Handle 3/8in Drive - RT21837
Repco Stubby Ratchet 3/8in Drive - RT21836
Powerbuilt 1/4In Dr Ratchet
Repco Offset Handle Ratchet 1/2in Drive - RT21492
Mechpro Blue Gearless Ratchet 1/2In Drive - MPSK102CRV
Mechpro Offset Ratchet 1/2In Drive - MPSK102
Repco Breaker Bar 1/4in Drive 150mm - RT22117
Showing 1 - 20 of 39 products

Carrying the best range of ratchet wrenches we have the right socket wrench sizes and accessories for you

When you are looking for more than just spark plug sockets, Repco have you covered

Available in a variety of ratchet sizes a ratchet wrench is one of the hand tools you will continually reach for when working on your car. Whether reaching for the spark plug sockets for a tune up or getting stuck in with impact sockets we have the correct socket and ratchet sizes to suit the biggest and smallest jobs. Stocking quality wrenches from Repco, MIlwaukee or Mechpro Blue makes any time on the tools easier and able to tackle the toughest jobs.

Ratchet drive sizes and what suits best

  • 1/4-inch square drive - When looking at a 1/4-inch square drive ratchet you will naturally be looking at smaller sockets to tackle smaller fastener sizes as well as nuts and bolts that requires less torque to tighten. These ratchets are great for tight spaces and most will suit a conventional or deep socket yet impact sockets that require higher torques will not feature in this range of sizes.
  • 3/8-inch square drive - Stepping up from this smaller size is the all-round 3/8-inch square drive ratchet. This ratchet will enable you to utilise more torque when you tighten and loosen nuts. This sized ratchet spanner is one of the most common type of ratchet wrench and the drive sizes of this can handle loosening most nuts and bolts on your vehicle or project.
  • 1/2-inch square drive - Going for the largest of the standard drive sockets will see you using a 1/2-inch square drive ratchet. Although many varying sizes in ratchets this size will give you the widest range of interchangeable sockets available. Whether it be a deep socket, impact sockets, pass through sockets or just standard sockets this drive size can handle a tremendous beating. The beauty of this tool drive size is that you can confidently use breaker bars for that additional torque and force. A breaker bar will be the last thing to snap so the largest drive type it can be attached to the better.

What Ratchet mechanism and are 6- or 12-point socket sizes better?

A good ratchet handle will incorporate a ratcheting mechanism comprised of 64, 72 and even 144 teeth meaning with a higher tooth count you only need 2.5 degrees of movement to loosen or tighten a fastener.

When it comes to sockets six-point sockets naturally provide six points of contact against the nut or bolt. The majority of standard sizes in sockets are 12 point and these are fine for DIY applications but provide less grip on nuts and bolts than six points. Nut and bolt heads are more prone to rounding off when using more torque and 12-point socket sizes.

Repco stock not just ratchets but a great range of socket sets

Stocking not just different types of sockets, socket wrenches and impact sockets we also carry a wide variety of socket sets at Repco. The beauty of purchasing a socket set is that it enables you to have both the ratchet as well as a selection of conventional and deep sockets, extension bars and adaptors to suit.

Repco stock a large selection of socket sets in both metric socket sizes and imperial measurements to encompass the most common sizes of nuts and bolts you would find working on your car. Most automotive manufacturers now use metric measurements, so it is always best to get the most metric sizes available.

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