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Impact Sockets

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Repco Impact Socket 22mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21322I
Repco 1/2in Dr. Wheel Nut Impact Socket 21mm - RTWNS21
Repco Impact Socket 27mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21327I
Repco 1/2in Dr. Wheel Nut Impact Socket 19mm - RTWNS19
Repco 1/2in Dr. Wheel Nut Impact Socket 17mm - RTWNS17
Repco Deep Impact Socket 1/2in, 1/2in Drive - RT21450I
Repco 1/2in Dr. Wheel Nut Impact Socket 22mm - RTWNS22
Repco Impact Socket 30mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21330I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 14mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21414I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 21mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21421I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 7/8in, 1/2in Drive - RT21456I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 17mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21417I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 19mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21419I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 13/16in, 1/2in Drive - RT21455I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 27mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21427I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 15/16in, 1/2in Drive - RT21457I
Repco Deep Impact Socket 1-1/16in, 1/2in Drive - RT21459I
Repco Impact Socket 32mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21332I
Repco Impact Socket 12mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21312I
Repco Impact Socket 21mm, 1/2in Drive - RT21321I
Showing 1 - 20 of 45 products

Introducing our range of high quality impact sockets

Speed up and finish your repair work in no time with impact sockets from the Repco range. With competitive prices and the best automotive tools on the market, our impact sockets range is the right solution for you.

You can choose from battery operated or air compressor driven impact wrench. With adjustable torque settings depending on where you will use it. These power tools are hand-picked from trusted brands.

At Repco, our range of impact sockets also comes in sets featuring different sizes and pieces. With all impact sockets forged from high quality, impact resistant steel, our impact socket sets are designed to last. Additionally, a number of our impact socket sets come with extension bars, socket adapters and durable storage cases.

For more information about the complete collection of impact sockets and impact socket wrenches, contact our team today. Whether it be in store, online or over the phone, we are here to help you. With nationwide locations wide, you'll be sure to find an outlet near you.

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