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Greasing, Lubrication & Fluid Transfer

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Repco 450g Air Operated Grease Gun - RAGG1
Repco 20 Litre Oil Drum Pump - RDP20L
Toledo 14 Piece Oil Funnel Master Kit - 310420
Repco Lever Barrel Pump - RLABP
Repco 2 Litre Measuring Funnel - RMF2L
Toledo Fluid Extractor Manual and Pneumatic - 10L - 305164
Toledo 13 Piece Coolant Funnel Master Kit - 305076
Repco Ezee Flow Hand Pump 20ltr - RDP20
Toledo Flexible Heavy Duty Grease Hose 300mm
Gates Cooling System Flush Tool
Toledo Pump Action Pressure Sprayer 2L
Repco Heavy Duty Grease Gun Holder 450g - RGGH
Precision Nitto Coupler - 1/4In Brasspack Female
Toledo Adblue Funnel Angled Spout - 305401
Toledo Lever Type Rigid Oil Can with Flexible Spout 300ml - 305258
Toledo Suction Gun 500ml - 305227
Toledo Pump Action Pressure Sprayer 1L - 305153
Repco Oil Extractor - ROE6.5L
Precision Nitto Coupler - 10mm Male Hose Barb
Macnaught Greasing Kit
Showing 1 - 20 of 54 products
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Change vehicle fluids with ease with our range of greasing, lubrication and fluid transfer products

Vehicle maintenance can be messy at times, and whether it be grease, oil, coolant or transmission fluid these all need changing at some point. Set yourself up with the right gear from our greasing, lubrication and fluid transfer range and make those tasks as clean and hassle free as possible. Whether a quality grease gun, suction gun or drum pump you can rely on our extensive array of products to help you funnel, extract, pump or transfer any of the fluids and greases in your vehicle.

Nothing says catastrophe more than trying to undertake a fluid change on your car when you aren't equipped with the right gear. Spilt oil or coolant is both a mess and a safety hazard and trying to grease or lube any components without the right grease gun is an exercise in futility. Whether going in to your vehicle or coming out of your vehicle the margin for error is great when fluids are involved and you are left fumbling with bulky bottles of oil or coolant or inadequate drip pans.

Don't be left at the mercy of decorating your workshop with that fresh bottle of Engine Oil when we have the right funnel, drip pan or fluid pump to quickly and easily get that oil change accomplished and your vehicle back on the road. The same can be said for coolant flushes with our range of suction guns and drip trays to catch all the spillage and stop your reaching for the bucket and mop.

When it comes time to keep your vehicle servicing up to date you can be sure that our range of greasing, lubrication and fluid transfer products have you covered. In the pursuit of a job well done it is always advisable to keep a supply of rags on hand to keep your work area clean. A good pair of disposable gloves are also your best friend to both keep your hands clean but limit any exposure to oils, greases or fuel.

Keeping your garage clean and your vehicle servicing under control is what the range of greasing, lubrication and fluid transfer products are all about at Repco.

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