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Air Compressors

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Precision Air 50 Litre Tank Petrol Compressor
Antlia Air Compressor Belt Drive 2.7HP 190L/min 50L - AN2550CH-1
Antlia Air Compressor 2.5HP 120L/min 40L - AN2540
Precision Air 58 Litre Tank Air Compressor
Antlia Air Compressor Hi-Flow 2.5HP 180L/min 40L - AN2540-HF-1
Antlia Air Compressor 2HP 105L/min 21L - AN2021H-1
Antlia Air Compressor 1HP 65L/min 8L - AN1008H-1
Precision Air 226 Litre Tank Air Compressor
Precision Air 100 Litre Tank Air Compressor
Maxi Trac 4WD Air Compressor 12v 150psi 150lpm - MTABAC150LPM
Maxi Trac Air Compressor - 160LPM 150PSI
Precision Trailblazer Petrol Compressor
Mechpro Blue Air Compressor Belt Drive 3.5HP 320L/min 60L - MPB3560
Precision Air 205 Litre Tank Air Compressor
Precision Air 100 Litre Tank Air Compressor
Precision Air 205 Litre Tank Air Compressor
Precision Belt Driven Compressor - FORCE11
Air Force Compressor 3HP Belt Driven 70L
Showing 1 - 20 of 37 products

Air Compressors - air power for workshops

An air compressor is one of the most important pieces of equipment that anyone can have in their garage or workshop. Air compressors are a great and affordable way to run workshop tools & equipment with a power source that doesn't run out. Choosing the right 240v air compressor will allow you to build out your range of air tools and equipment for different jobs over time without having to worry about battery technology or charging. For the common home DIY'er an air compressor and air tools can be the most economical solution when air hoses and working in remote spaces with cordless tools is not a requirement. The range of air tools and accessories available for automotive and general applications is extensive and covers nearly all job types.

When selecting an air compressor it is important to understand the types of jobs and/or tools you will want to run in the longer term in order to get the best value from your air compressor purchase. Smaller air compressors are ideal for convenient jobs like tyre inflation or running smaller tools for shorter periods. These are generally 2HP to 2.5HP units with a tank capacity of 20L to 40-60L or more. They are easy to store and extremely handy however do not have the sufficient air flow ratings to run some air tools effectively.

If you are looking to use a range of automotive and other proper equipment you will need to identify the required air flow rate. this is often listed as the l/min (litres per minute) or cfm (cubic feet per minute). Air pressure is also an important consideration and is in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) or KPA (Kilopascals). In Australia you can get air products listed in both imperial and metric specifications. Making sure you take the time to consider your future requirements for air tools before you purchase your air compressor you will certainly get a lot more use out of your unit in the longer term.

Note that safety is important when using compressed air. Compressed air is dangerous so it is vital to follow the safety guidelines and rights published in the manuals.

Repco sell a range of air compressors from the small tyre inflater to the big 3 phase workshop units. So whether you are an account customer or home handyman, we can sort out any items or products you need when it comes to compressed air in the garage or workshop. From smaller units from Mechpro Blue and Antlia to the bigger units by Peerless and Chicago Pneumatic we have air compressors at a price to suit your budget. When shopping online add in the product code or part No to view the item you are after. As a lot of the bigger units are not online you may need to call into your local Repco store to get some help and advice on our large selection of air compressors.

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