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Engine & Drivetrain

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T&E Tools Universal Clutch Aligner Tool
Toledo Piston Ring Comp 53-125mm - 304189
Toledo Oil Filter Wrench Set 19pc - 305800
Toledo Feeler Gauge 26 Blade Cranked Met/Imp - 301157
Toledo Pick & Hook Set Minature 4 Piece - 301043
Toledo Spark Plug Thread Kit - 302300
Repco Engine Cylinder Hone 60 - 175mm - RST142
Repco Angular Torque Gauge - RST206
Gates Timing Belt Tensioner Tool
Repco Vacuum and Fuel Pressure Tester Kit - RST184
Repco Seal Puller - RST9
Toledo 38 Blade Feeler Gauge - 301155
Toledo 2/3 Leg Auto Self Grip Puller 4in - 225040
T&E Tools Two Jaw Puller 2T
Toledo Oil Filter Remover Set 15 Piece - 305004
Repco Petrol Cylinder Compression Tester - RST160
Repco Power Steering Pump Pulley Kit - RST39
Toledo Portable Bearing Packer 50mm-95mm - 305150
Toledo Camshaft Alignment Kit Universal - 304773
Showing 1 - 20 of 163 products
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Specialty Engine and Drivetrain tools to make serving and repair a breeze

While your spanners, sockets, and screwdrivers will cover 90% of the repairs on your vehicle, there comes time when only a specialist tool will fit the bill to help complete the job. Whether a specialty oil filter cup, through to a timing light or gear puller, we have the range of specialty tools to help. Engineered for those tricky diagnostic and maintenance jobs our range of engine and drive line tools will give you the confidence to tackle all your engine problems.

Covering all aspects of diagnostic, maintenance and repair, our range is geared to those who want the ability to accurately source, locate and fix the troubles at hand when it comes to your driveline and engine. Whether it is a setting the gap on a set of noisy rockers with a feeler guage, sliding in a new set of piston rings with a piston ring compressor or freeing a harmonic balancer with a puller, none of these jobs are able to be completed with just your standard tool kit.

Don't be left floundering with the wrong tools when you can add to your workshop tool inventory with any of our quality tools designed specifically for your engine and driveline. Stocking such trusted brands as Endeavour, Ryco, Toledo and Repco enable you to harness the knowledge, functionality and ease, that their tools provide to make servicing your vehicle that much faster. Built to handle the toughest of workshop environments means our tool range stands up to the rigours of serious engine repair. No flimsy tools or inaccurate gauges when you rely on our range of quality tools and known brands to provide the accuracy and solid feel as you get stuck in.

Whether looking to undertake the serious repairs on your engine or driveline or servicing any of the major systems on your vehicle our range of specialty tools encompass not just engines but braking, cooling and electrical, to name just a few. With a wide variety of tools designed to make any job easier you can trust the range and price to make your vehicle servicing and repair as economical and simple as possible.

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