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Wiper Blades

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Trico Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade Roc Lock 3 350mm (14 Inch) - 14-B-REAR
Trico Rear Vnotch Cross Microbeam 375mm - 15-G-REAR
Silencio Hybrid Wiper Blade Single 450mm 18in - 574621
Trico Exact Fit 610mm French Bayonet Beam Blade - EFB610FB
Silencio Flat Wiper Blades Set 600mm 24in 475mm 19in - 574471
Trico Force Beam Wiper Blade 500mm (20 Inch) - TF500
Silencio Hybrid Wiper Blade Single 480mm 19in - 574622
Tridon Rear Blade  Beam Style 10In - TRB003
Silencio Flat Wiper Blades Set 700mm 28in 700mm 28in - 574317
Silencio Rear Wiper Blade Single 345mm 14in - 574207
Silencio Rear Wiper Blade Single Pack 400mm 16in - 574204
Trico Tech Beam Blade 425mm - TEC425
Repco Conventional Wiper Blade 350mm (14 Inch) - RCB14S
Trico Force Beam Wiper Blade 610mm (24 Inch) - TF610
Trico Commercial Blade Universal Adaptor 610mm - TB610HD
Silencio Flat Wiper Blades Set 600mm 24in 500mm 21in - 574660
Trico Force Beam Wiper Blade 475mm (19 Inch) - TF475
Trico Shield Hybrid Wiper Blade  500mm (20in) - Single Pack - HF500
Silencio Flat Wiper Blades Set 650mm 26in 450mm 18in - 574709
Silencio Flat Wiper Blades Set 600mm 24in 450mm 18in - 574642
Showing 1 - 20 of 220 products

Wiper blades, windscreen wipers & wiper components

Keeping your vehicle ready for all weather conditions is essential and making sure your windscreen cleaning systems is operational and ready to go should be checked regularly. Having the ability to be able to clean obstructions or fluid from your windscreen while the vehicle is operational is often a requirement for the vehicle to be considered roadworthy, the process to inspect and maintain your windscreen cleaning system is fairly straight forward and can be done in minutes. The windscreen wipers and wiper blades are the most common things to check as they do wear out regularly or the rubbers can perish over time in hot dry climates. If your windscreen wipers are leaving streaks or marks on your windscreen, smearing water instead of displacing it or chattering or shuddering across your windscreen it is likely these need to be replaced. When purchasing your next set of windscreen wiper blades consider upgrading to higher grade wiper blade for longevity and better performance, a better wiper blade can also be more cost effective over the longer term as they don't need to be replaced as regularly. When replacing your wiper blades you can also just replace the wiper refill instead of the entire blade if the wiper blade is still in good condition,

Your wiper fluid levels should also be checked to ensure you have enough wiper fluid or windscreen additive in order to properly remove unwanted obstructions from you windscreen when required. The use of a good windscreen additive in your windscreen washer bottle will also dramatically improve the results you get combined with a good windscreen wiper and will leave your windscreen clear and unobstructed. It will also pay to inspect your windscreen washer jets for obstruction and make sure they are shooting your wiper fluid onto the optimum spot on your windscreen. If your windscreen washer jet is obstructed and your stream is not shooting directly onto your windscreen try clearing these with a safety pin or smaller object or consider replacing the windscreen washer jet all together. If nothing is happening at all when attempting to spray the windscreen wiper fluid onto the screen (and your fluid is topped up) then you may need to inspect or replace the windscreen washer pump. This is a small 12v pump that can often be found attached to or near to the windscreen washer bottle and can be easy to replace.

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