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Suspension Components

Showing 1 - 20 of 1116 products
Repco Ball Joint Seperator - RST157
Monroe Strut Mate Bump Stop Kit - PK004
Nolathane Rear Bump Stop Bushing Kit - 47344
Toledo Ball Joint Separator 200mm - 311271
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24372
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24377
Toledo Ball Joint Separator Fork 24mm - 311273
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24378
Monroe Strut Mate Strut Boot Kit - 63618
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24018
Kelpro Sway Bar Link Assembly - 22770
Nolathane Sway Bar Link Bushing Kit - 42032
TRW Ball Joint - JBJ7538
Nolathane Rear Lowering Block Kit (2.0in) - 47981
Nolathane Sway Bar Link Bushing Kit - 42557
Nolathane Front Lower Control Arm - 45946L
Nolathane Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit (14mm) - 44260
Kelpro Strut Mount & Bearing - 24018K
Nolathane Sway Bar Link Bushing Kit - 42361
Nolathane Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit (12mm) - 44250
Showing 1 - 20 of 1116 products

Ride out the bumps with our range of quality suspension components

Your vehicles suspension comprises a vast array of components to help dampen or stiffen the ride to make your vehicle both safe and comfortable. Whether it's a worn lower control arm, sway bar link or bump stop, all these and more contribute to lacklustre handling and potential safety issues. Repco however stock a large variety of quality replacement suspension components to keep you and your vehicle safe as you clock up the kilometres. Don't have your vehicle wandering all over the road or bottoming out on bumps and dips when you can replace these with components tried and tested specifically for your vehicle.

As road conditions worsen and the necessity to stop, swerve and avoid collisions seems almost a daily occurence, the need to have your vehicle perform to its optimum level becomes apparent. Whilst we think having enough tread on our tyres and decent brake pads is sufficient, we forget to think that these components rely directly on the performance of your suspension to have them operate correctly. Sway bar links, bump stops and control arms are just some of the parts that go towards a sure footed ride and accurate steering performance. Having slop or wear in any of your suspension components compromises your ride and handling only to be magnified in situations when you rely on them most.

Comprising both kits and full assemblies means we have the right suspension component to replace your original vehicle components and in many cases your new parts will feature uprated bushes to improve performance and handling. Polyurethane bushes on sway bar links and in bump stops add more torsional rigidity while rubber used in strut mounts and control arms provide a level of cushioning and comfort whilst still offering long service life. Unlike rubber bushings, polyurethane suspension bushings are not bonded by compression so maintain their shape and this free pivoting design contributes to the sharper handling response and increased suspension control. Coupled with high load bearing capabilities, increased tensile strength and chemically resistant to oil, grease and weathering make polyurethane bushes an upgrade that will give you the benefits for years to come. So whether rubber or polyurethane, each product in our range of suspension components has been researched and developed to offer maximum control and predictability in all manner of driving conditions.

As your one stop shop for quality suspension components we stock all the leading brands in this market. Trusted names such as KYB, TRW, Nolathane and Whiteline produce some of the worlds leading suspension components backed by years of research and countless hours of testing and refinement. Built to exacting OEM standards and specifications means your replacement parts will be a straightforward direct fit to your vehicle.

When looking for replacement suspension components it is also wise to look at the condition of your springs and shocks to gauge whether these need replacing as well. Suspension squeaks, bangs and unresponsive steering and vehicle control are key indicators of worn and depressurized shock absorbers so these should be replaced as required. When it comes to providing a safe and comfortable vehicle Repco have the range of steering and suspension products to help. Stocking the widest ranges and the most trusted brands means we have the right parts to suit your vehicle.

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