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Spark Plugs

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NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug - IFR6F-7D
NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plug - PFR5B-11B
NGK Standard Spark Plug - MR7F
NGK Standard Spark Plug - JR8B
Champion Platinum Spark Plug - REA8PMPB5
NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plug - BCPR6EP-11
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug - BKR7EIX
NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug - RE9B-T
NGK Standard Spark Plug - BCPR7EKD
NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug - DILKAR7B11
NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug - KR8BI
NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug - LKAR9BI-10
Champion Copper Plus Spark Plug - RS9YX4
NGK Standard Spark Plug - BKR7EKC
Champion Iridium Spark Plug - 9412
NGK Standard Spark Plug - LKR8A
NGK Standard Spark Plug - LTR6B-10T
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug - BPR6EFIX-10
Champion Industrial Spark Plug - D18Y
Champion Industrial Spark Plug - D14
Showing 1 - 20 of 1267 products

Ensure a strong and reliable spark with our quality replacement spark plugs from Repco

Unleash performance and power with the best spark plugs for your vehicle

The internal combustion engine hasn't changed much over the last 130 years and the same principle survives today in generating power for your car. When it comes to providing the best spark to your air fuel mixture accept no substitutes when it comes to finding the right spark plug for your vehicle. Whether a market leading NGK spark plug through to a quality Bosch or Champion spark plug here at Repco we stock only the best.

When to know when a spark plug needs changing

Replacing your spark plugs is an important part of routine maintenance and servicing for your engine. Without a set of fully functioning spark plugs, you can notice running issues such as poor fuel economy, lack of acceleration or general performance, poor idle conditions, cylinder misfires, hard starting or even an engine that won't run at all. There may also be a build-up of carbon in the combustion chamber from unburnt fuel from not having the plugs spark.

Between replacement periods for your spark plugs, use a spark plug socket to remove the plug and perform a quick visual inspection. Examine for any oil or fuel deposits known as fouling on the tip of the plug which can hamper spark performance. You'll also want to look out for any damage to the spark plug threads and any cracks or other marks on the spark plug.

Choosing the best spark plug technology and spark plug for your vehicle

Whether you need standard nickel spark plugs, iridium spark plugs, platinum spark plugs, or Repco is your one stop shop when it comes to fitting the best replacement spark plugs to your engine.

Never deviate from the specifications recommended by the manufacturer regarding the spark plugs in your engine. Various dimensions and critical components need to be adhered to but elements such as the ground electrode and material on the centre electrode can differ. Most vehicles will use a traditional type spark plug but there also exists Surface discharge spark plug variants. A Surface discharge spark plug differs from standard spark plugs as the length of the center ceramic material in a normal plug is adjusted to keep a certain amount of heat in the centre electrode to help prevent fouling. True surface gap spark plugs have no heat range. In comparison to regular spark plugs these are as cold a heat range as you can get. These spark plugs were developed for and with engines using very high energy ignition systems which are required to prevent fouling. These are not a common type plug.

If you need to fit replacement spark plugs, diagnose a misfire or even keep some spares on hand, Repco offer a huge range of spark plug options to suit a massive range of vehicles both old and new.

Shop our huge range of quality Bosch, Champion and NGK Spark Plugs

When it comes to supplying the best spark plugs choose an NGK Spark Plug. Repco choose to stock NGK spark plugs as they are a world leader in spark plug technology and development. Producing not just an extensive range of spark plugs but ignition leads, ignition coils and engine ignition components. Offering superior service life and great product availability make NGK Spark Plugs and Ignition the best choice for any engine.

Select your vehicle using our handy REGO search tool and once you have your vehicle shop our extensive range of spark plugs. With a nationwide network of stores, we have store location nearby. Shop, order and pay online and select out click and collect function, we can even provide delivery services to get it to you fast.

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