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GV Cleaner Degreaser 5Ltr - GVD5
Hurry Sale Ends - 02/11/2021
Motortech Degreaser 400g - MT001
Hurry Sale Ends - 02/11/2021
Meguiar's PR Detailer All Purpose Cleaner 3.79L - D10101
Lighting Tuff Degreaser & Cleaner 20Ltr
K&N Air Filter Clean Spray 355ml - KN99-0606
Lighting Tuff Degreaser & Cleaner 4Ltr
Repco Heavy Duty Grease Removal Wipes
Chemtech Workshop Heavy Duty Degreaser 20Ltr - CWD-20L
Chemtech Workshop Heavy Duty Degreaser 5Ltr - CWD-5L
CRC XD8 Ultra Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser 500ml - 3076
OzzyJuice SW-4 20L - SW4
Tuff Cleaner/Degreaser 10L
ISD Parts Washer Degreaser 10L
Repco Degreaser 5Ltr - RDEG5L
Repco Degreaser 20Ltr - RDEG20L
GV Cleaner Degreaser 20Ltr - GVD20
CRC EXOFF Degreaser & Parts Cleaner 20L - 3413
Meguiar's PR Detailer Super Degreaser 3.78L - D10801
CRC EXOFF Workshop Cleaner 750ml - 3417
Showing 1 - 20 of 34 products

Keep it clean with our range of degreaser at Repco

Vehicle maintenance can be a chore or a joy depending on what you are undertaking but most people agree that components caked in grease and dirt aren't fun when you are trying to get the job done. Get the grease busting power of a quality degreaser and have clean parts and surfaces to help you finish sooner. Stocking engine degreaser in aerosol cans up to 20L drums means Repco can supply you with a heavy duty degreaser formulated to clean and degrease the biggest of jobs with a minimum of fuss.

As a workshop essential, degreaser is one of those products that you can never have enough of when trying to clean the dirtiest of surfaces. Caked on grease, dirt and oil make it difficult to diagnose leaks, gain adequate socket or spanner hold or locate screw heads. This means you spend half your time scratching around with a screwdriver or scraper trying to clean prior to even beginning work. Cut out the messing around and hit it with a blast of degreaser coupled with the agitation of a brush and you soon have surfaces that allow proper access and correct diagnosis before you start.

So what is the difference between a standard and a heavy duty degreaser? Most ready to use degreasers have an alkaline level above that of all purpose cleaners which have a relatively neutral pH solution. Your heavy duty degreasers thereby contain a higher alkaline level again for true grease cutting power and can be corrosive on particular materials and surfaces. Whether using a RTU degreaser or a heavy duty formulation always ensure adequate personal protective equipment is used to avoid health and safety risks. Our range of disposable gloves and safety glasses ensure you can avoid the chemical exposure and accidental splashes that go along with handling degreaser.

As you would expect we only stock the highest quality degreasers and coming from such trusted brands as Chemtech, WD40, CRC and Lightning mean you only get the best formulations designed to cut through the toughest grease and grime. The continued research and development by these brands now offer a wide selection of organic, inorganic and biodegradeable compounds to be as tough or as gentle as you need to get the job done.

So when it comes to removing stubborn oil and dirt on engines, gearboxes, diffs or just about anywhere, save time and effort with our range of degreasers. Offering not just degreasers but a substantial range of cleaners for brakes, throttle bodies and carbies means whether it's grease, oil, brake dust, petrol residue or any hard to shift grime we have the products to make short work of removing them.

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