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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now
Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now


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Engine Additives

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Proma MBL8 Oil Concentrate 250ml
Penrite Engine Flush Additive Enviro Box 20L - ADEF020BOX
ThreeBond Diesel Engine Conditioner 130ml - 6601JC-130
Rislone Hy-Per Lube Oil Supplement 946ml - 44201
Nulon Engine Oil Flush 300ml - EOF
Nulon Engine Stop Smoke 500mL
Rislone High Mileage Compression Repair 500mL
Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer 0.95L - 10130
Nulon Worn Engine Treatment 300mL
Rislone Rear Main Seal Repair 500mL - 44240
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 946ml - 10001
Morey's Oil Stabiliser 1L
Penrite Block & Cylinder Head Seal 250ML - ADBCS250
Rislone Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair 500ML - 44223
Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid 250ml - FV250M
Rislone Engine + Oil Performance Booster 500ml - 44104
CRC Aerostart 300g - 5051
Repco Lifter Free & Tune Up 300mL
Repco Stop Smoke 300ml
Penrite Engine Boost+ 500ml - PSPEB0005
Showing 1 - 20 of 43 products

The best engine additives to keep the heart of your vehicle running strongly.

With todays vehicles built to run hundreds of thousands of kilometres it is only natural that supplementing your engine with a quality additive can ensure trouble free motoring and lessen more costly repairs down the track. Repco stock a large range of engine treatments, oil flushes and engine conditioners that can keep your new car in tip top condition. Alternatively if you have a high mileage older vehicle our range of oil stabilisers or stop smoke products can help protect and prolong engine life without major repairs.

In the mad scramble of modern life the need to detox and look after yourself is always important and this is very much the same for your cars engine. Clocking up hundreds or possibly thousands of kilometres a week leads to engine wear that cannot be overcome purely with regular oil changes. Oil contaminant build up circulating through your engine leads to blocked and restricted oil galleries and once these have started to take hold it is exceedingly difficult to remedy purely through changing oil. This is where the benefits of a suitable engine oil flush product come in and help clean and decontaminate your engine internals to help clear oil passages and in turn allow the engine to run better and cooler.

Many of the symptoms of older engines can be alleviated through using any of the quality stop leak and stop smoke products in our range. These formulations help to soften and enlarge rubber seals and gaskets to minimise oil loss whilst the thickening of your engine oil will assist with less oil running past piston rings and valve stem seals. This in turn minimises oil burnt in the combustion chambers and the production of blue smoke from your exhaust pipe. A sure sign of engine wear and upcoming costly rectification.

We also stock range of engine conditioners and aerosol engine cleaners that are used to clean intake systems and vital EFI components. The abundance of switches and sensors throughout a modern fuel injected engine provide vital feedback to monitor its condition and any of these can contribute to poor running or excess fuel consumption if permitted to get clogged or dirty. By using an engine cleaner to help combat this you can ensure your engine is working its best.

Stocking the best names in Engine additives, our range from Penrite, Nulon, 3Bond, Rislone and more provide unique formulations and the highest quality to get the most from your engine. The regular application and use of a quality additive will help prolong engine life and provide that extra level of protection that doesn't come from the cleaning abilities of your fuel and oil.

Whether it is engine additives or quality additives for any of the vital systems on your vehicle Repco have you covered. Stocking the most popular brands coupled with additives to help clean, restore and improve performance make Repco your one stop shop to looking after you car.

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