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Your Reliable Source for The Best Fuel Additives Suited to Your Car

When it comes to your engine, we understand the importance of maintaining its care. With a formulated range of engine, fuel, power steering, transmission & radiator additives, we have you covered.

By using innovative technology, we are able to provide exceptional quality products at competitive prices - something that has earned us a steadfast reputation.

Here at Repco, our aim is to make your product experience as simple and seamless as possible. This is why we have made our additives compatible with all mineral and synthetic engine oils, transmission fluids and gear oils.

When browsing the entire additives range, enjoy inclusions such as:

Engine Oil Flush:

  • Helps free up sticky valve lifters
  • Cleans and removes sludge, dirt and varnish
  • Provides a cleaner environment for new oil
  • Helps extend engine life
  • Handy Hint: One bottle for up to 5L of engine oil.

Engine Stop Leak:

  • Helps reduce oil leaks
  • Helps rejuvenate hardened or shrunken seals
  • Reduces exhaust smoke at start-up
  • Handy Hint: One bottle treats up to 5L of engine oil.

Diesel Injector Cleaner:

  • Cleans dirty injectors
  • Help prevent algae growth
  • Lubricates pumps and injectors
  • Helps eliminate water safely
  • Handy Hint: Add 100mL for every 100L of fuel.

Power Steering and Auto Trans Conditioner:

  • Reduces leaks fast
  • Reduces seal damage and wear
  • Helps extend power steering and transmission component life
  • Reduces noise, steering chatter and vibration felt through the steering wheel
  • Handy Hints:

    • Power steering systems - add one bottle per reservoir.
    • Auto transmission - add one bottle for every 10L of transmission fluid.

    For more information regarding our additive range, visit us in store today.