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In Vehicle Radios

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GME UHF CB Radio 5 Watt Super Compact Starter Kit - TX3100VP
Uniden UHF CB Radio Compact 5 Watt - UHF028
Uniden UHF CB 5 Watt Radio Escape Value Pack - UH6060VP
GME UHF CB Radio 5 Watt Compact Value Pack - TX3500SVP
GME 26Mhz Din Mount CB Radio - TX2720N
GME UHF CB Radio XRS Connect Outback Pack - XRS-330COB
Oricom UHF CB Radio + ANU215 6.5dBi Antenna - UHF390PK
GME UHF CB Radio 5 Watt Super Compact - TX3100DP
GME UHF CB Radio XRS Connect Super Compact - XRS-330C
Uniden UHF CB 5 Watt Mini Compact Radio - UH6000
GME UHF CB Radio XRS Connect Touring Pack - XRS-330CTP
GME Marine Stereo AM FM IP67 with Bluetooth White - GR300BTW
GME UHF CB Radio 5 Watt DIN Mount with ScanSuite - TX4500S
GME AM/FM IP54 Compact Marine Stereo with Bluetooth - Black - GR350BTB
GME UHF CB Radio XRS Connect Compact - XRS-370C
GME Entertainment Pack - GR300BTWEP
GME UHF CB Radio 5 Watt Compact Ultimate Value Pack - TX3350UVP
GME VHF Marine Radio - White - GX700W
GME Stereo AM FM Bluteooth CD MP3 Player - RC900BT
Showing 1 - 20 of 38 products

In Vehicle UHF radios- stay in touch

Shop In Vehicle UHF Radios

In vehicle UHF CB radios are almost a mandatory requirement when going off road driving in Australia. They also make communication easy on big outdoor building sites and will work in area's where mobile phone coverage is limited. At Repco we stock leading brands like Oricom, Uniden & GME.

What does a UHF In Vehicle Radio do?

They are basically a short range mobile phone that lets you talk to people for free. They are voice only, so no texting. Their main use these days is when you go out in the bush or a lot of large building sites now use them for communications. They are also practical when travelling in a convoy of vehicles as they make communication between vehicles a breeze, no matter what environment you are in. That is provided each vehicle has either a handheld or in vehicle UHF radio on board and is tuned to the same channel or frequency.

Why do I need an In Vehicle UHF Radio?

In vehicle mounted UHF CB radio's have some advantages over a handheld, the main one being battery life is not an issue. You can talk and listen for hours. They are normally hard wired into a vehicle and installation can vary between dead easy to difficult. Their transmit power is greater than a lot of handhelds meaning the signal will travel further.

UHF Antenna's Explained

Every in car UHF needs to have an an antenna that is mounted somewhere on the vehicle. UHF antenna's vary in length and material they are made from. High gain antennas (6 db) are tall and work best on flat terrain. Low gain antennas (3 db) are short and work best in hilly terrain. UHF is line of sight so the best transmission signal is achieved when you can see the other party you are talking to. When talking to other vehicles this can be quite a distance.

Anything in the way can impact the quality and range of the transmission. It is not as bad as you may think, for example, if you duck behind a building you can still communicate. The radio waves can travel through and bounce around objects. The more items in the way, the more limited the transmission.

Best Position to Mount a UHF Antenna

The most common mount position for an antenna on a 4x4 is the top of the bullbar. The reason being is it is close to the in car UHF unit and there is nothing in the way of the antenna. The centre of the roof is actually the very best spot though not the most practical as it can be difficult to get to on a lot of large 4 wheel drives. Antenna mounts that attach to your mirrors is gaining popularity. Repeater stations are another good way to increase the range of your transmission and help you connect with friends. These are not available everywhere but handy to know they exist.

Our Range of In Vehicle UHF Radios

Repco have a great range of UHF & CB radios both in vehicle and handheld models. This is complemented by our range of antenna's and accessories. We also sell in vehicle units and antennas as a kit to get you started in UHF. Search the In Car Tech category on the website to check product availability and price in stores. Keep a lookout for a sale so you can get your radio at a cheaper price. You can look up the location of your local Repco store and take advantage of click & collect on your purchased product. It may pay to shop in store if you need help and get the team to assist you making the right purchase.

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