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Head Units

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JVC KD-T401 USB CD Stereo - KD-T401
Hurry Sale Ends - 22/06/2021
JVC Head Unit  Bluetooth USB Spotify FLAC 13-Band EQ - KD-X472BT
Hurry Sale Ends - 22/06/2021
Pioneer MVH-S215BT Bluetooth Mechless Tuner
Hurry Sale Ends - 22/06/2021
JVC KW-X830BT Bluetooth iPhone USB Stereo - KW-X830BT
Hurry Sale Ends - 22/06/2021
Sony DSX-A416BT Bluetooth Tuner - DSXA416BT
JVC KW-M750BT CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Stereo - KW-M750BT
Sony Dsx-A410Bt Bluetooth Usb Stereo - DSXA410BT
Pioneer DEH-S5150BT Bluetooth USB CD Tuner
Pioneer CD Tuner with Bluetooth / USB - DEHS5250BT
Sony MEX-N5200BT Bluetooth USB CD Stereo
Pioneer MVH-S315BT Bluetooth Mechless Tuner
Pioneer Head Unit 1 Din Bluetooth Dual Phone, CD, USB 2 x Pre Outs 4 Channels at 50 Watts per channel built-in Amp
Sony XAV-AX1000 Apple Carplay Bluetooth AV Stereo
Philips CE600BT Bluetooth USB AV Stereo
Pioneer Head Unit - MVHS325BT
Sony Head Unit Apple Car Play Android Auto USB AV Tuner - XAVAX3000
Pioneer  DEH-S4250BT Audio Receiver with Pioneer Smart Sync App Compatibility, MIXTRAX
Sony MEX-N5300BT Two-Zone Illuminator Bluetooth CD Stereo
Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT Apple CarPlay Android Auto Car Stereo
Pioneer MVH-A210BT 6.2inch AV Bluetooth USB Car Stereo
Showing 1 - 20 of 30 products
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A complete range of head units for the sound enthusiast

When selecting a new head unit for your vehicle there is certainly no shortage of choice and range so it is important to consider a few things when making your next purchase. Head units will be available in two different sizes being single DIN & double DIN. The DIN (Duetch Industri Normen) refers to the height of the unit with double DIN head units have larger screens whereas single DIN units are a single slot traditional height unit. You can change between single & double DIN units if you vehicle has space and can use one of the DIN adapters to make sure it is looks factory when done. It is also really important to understand the types of accessories or smartphone integration you will want to run via your head unit to make sure you purchase the one best for needs. Whilst some double DIN units will have great graphical interfaces they may not support the displaying of maps or other content, looking for units that are Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatible is a good start if you want to fully integrate your device to your vehicle via the head unit.

If you are also running any other audio components in your vehicle it will important to check that these can still be run from the new head unit and any additional installation to make these work is considered. The selection & installation of the new unit should also take into account the total audio system in your vehicle & check to make sure that the require channels & outputs are available from the unit to run either an existing or new sound system you intend on installing. A full range of audio system components can be found online or at your local Repco store including amplifierssub woofersspeakers & amp wiring kits including brands like Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, JVC & Philips to give you the ultimate stereo system. Lastly it is important to consider installation costs when selecting a new system. When adding additional components to your factory system it is important to make sure that this is done correctly and incorrect installation can be hazardous given the power required to drive amplifiers & sub woofers and should always be done by an experience installer.

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