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Flashers, Relays

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Narva Electronic LED Flasher 12V 2 Pin - 68249BL
Flasher Relay 12V Electronic 42W (Max) - 3 Terminals
OEX Flasher Relay 12V Electronic 57W (Max) - 3 Terminals - ACX2014BL
Narva 24V HD Relay 100A - 68023
OEX Mini Relay 12V Normally Open 40A - Diode Protected - ACX1940DBL
Narva 12V Relay 4 Pin 40A - 68004
Front Indicator Lamp Incandescent Surface Mount
OEX Mini Relay 24V Normally Open 40 - Diode Protected - ACX1942DBL
Narva 12V Relay 4 Pin 40A - 68004BL
Bosch Jetronic Relay
OEX Mini Relay 12V Change Over 30/40A - Diode Protected - ACX1941DBL
OEX Flasher Relay 24V Electronic 126W (Max) - 2 Terminals - ACX2011BL
Mini Relay 24V Normally Open 30A - Diode Protected - 68040
OEX Headlight Relay 12V 30A - ACX2034
OEX Micro Relay 12V 20A 5 Pin Resistor Protected - Change Over 1 Pce - ACX1989
OEX Mini Relay 12V Normally Open 40A - Resistor Protected 20 Pce - ACX1940RB
Narva 12V Relay 4 Pin 50A - 68008BL
Narva 12v Relay 4 Pin 20A - 68062
Narva Electronic Flasher 12V 3 Pin - 68213BL
OEX Mini Relay Base 10 Pce - ACX1997
Showing 1 - 20 of 171 products
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Stay safe with our selection of flashers and relays

Your car's signal lights, braking and reverse lights are essential to your safety and that of others while driving on busy roads. Most of these items are controlled and regulated by flashers and relays that form an important part of your vehicle's auto electrical system.

At Repco we have a wide range of these products to suit most types of car makes and models available today.


We carry a complete line of automotive relays from the world's leading brands. If you are searching for low or high amperage relays, our range is sure to help you find the one to match the exact requirements of your car. We also stock a range of micro relays, sealed relays, 12 and 24 volt relays, as well as all the connectors and terminals necessary to complete the job.


Our automotive flashers are available in a variety of specifications. We have 12 and 24 volt flashers in 2 and 3 terminal versions, and for a range suited for LED lamps and for high amp loading as well.

Order yours online and click and collect at your nearest Repco store today.

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