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Polish & Restoration

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Polish & Wax 414 ml - 53412
Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Quik Clay Kit - G200200
Bowden's Own Three Way Iron Decontaminator 750ml - BO3WAY
HydroSilex Offroad Ceramic Coating 500ml - OFFROAD16
Bowden's Own Happy Ending Sealant 1L - BOHAPPY
Meguiar’s Last Touch Spray Detailer 946ml - DRTU15532
Bowden's Own Claying Rubber Pad - BOFCRBIG
Mothers California Gold Micro-Polishing Glaze 473ml - 8100
Turtle Wax Color Magic Polish Silver 500ml - FG7033
Meguiar's Oxidation Remover 473ml - M4916
Bowden's Own Paint Cleanse & Restore 500ml - BOABC
Mothers California Gold Pure Polish 473ml - 07100
Hydrosilex Moto Ceramic Coating 125ml - MOTO125
Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover 236ml - 08408
Bowden's Own Wet Dreams Sealant 770ml - BODREAMS
Meguiar's PR DA Correction Compound 480ml - D30016
Turtle Wax Color Magic Polish White 500ml - FG52712
Hydrosilex Offroad Ceramic Coating 1L - OFFROAD32
Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit - G1120
Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Polish 473ml - G19216
Showing 1 - 20 of 80 products

Get That Showroom Shine With Our Range Of Car Polish, And Paint Restoration Products

Shop Our Range Of Car Polishes

Any car enthusiast knows, no matter how well your car performs, it needs the show as much as they go. A deep lustrous paintwork coupled with a throaty exhaust roar is what automotive dreams are made of. Here at Repco, our range of car wash, car polish, ceramic coating, and car wax make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Coupled with a range of products Repco have a wide variety of brands from Bowden's Own, Meguiars, Autoglym, Armor All and Eclipse

What Is Cut And Polish?

A cut and polish refers to paint correction. The "Cut" refers to removing scratches & marks from the paintwork, whilst "Polish" refers to restoring gloss. Cut and Polish is a process where a fine layer of clear coat is removed using specific cutting and polishing compounds. This flattens the surface of your vehicle's paintwork, permanently removing fine swirls and scratches in your clear coat, which appear when looking at your paint in direct sunlight.

What Does Car Polish Do?

Gone are the days of a generic car polish that supposedly does it all. Intense research and development coupled with new technologies and formulations now give us a range of car polishes and paint restoration products that de-oxidise, clean, correct, renew and protect your vehicles paintwork. Here at Repco, we stock only the best from Bowden's Own, Meguiar's, Autoglym and Turtle Wax and many more leading brands to give you the choice and premium selection of the finest car care products.

When it comes to choosing the right products for your detailing needs, here are some of the differences between the many quality products on offer:

Paint Restoration:

Cutting compounds of varying severity can bring back the most neglected and weather-beaten paintwork provided there is a sufficient base layer of paint to work with.

Paint Correction:

Light scratches, deeper scratches and swirl marks in your paint occur from infrequent or harsh washing or detailing as well as general vehicle use. Car care products in this category remove paint defects without harsh paint cutting or removing clear coats.

Surface Restoration

Clay bars and iron de-oxidisers are two products that, up until recently, have been the domain of professional vehicle detailers. Used to free bonded contaminants such as sap, iron particles and paint overspray from paintwork, these products are now readily available to the enthusiast to get their paintwork as smooth and blemish-free as possible.

Car Polish

Used to enhance both depth of colour and shine whilst providing minor paintwork cleaning and correction, these products are the closest you'll get to an all in one polishing solution.

Car Wax

Available in liquid and paste forms, car wax should be used after all paint correction and restoration have been completed. These products are primarily used to provide a tough bonded layer over your paintwork, adding both a deep reflective shine but also protective water and dirt repellent layer.

Ceramic And Graphene Coatings

The new kids on the car cleaning block, these products utilise cutting edge technology to add a tough, hydrophobic coating that repels water as well as dirt and paintwork contaminants. It can be applied on any surface to provide this protection, ceramic or graphene coatings are easy to apply yet will only enhance the existing surface underneath. Hence why these specialised coatings should be used as a final coating once the paintwork underneath is as good as it can be.

Our Range Of Car Polishes

Here at Repco we have you covered when it comes to providing protection to your car's paint with polishing compounds, microfiber towel, wax, polish, applicators and softer pads. Find your nearest store today to provide your car's paint with long-lasting protection, reducing fine swirls and protecting your clear coat.

Whether looking to truly pamper your vehicle or just give it the once over, Repco have the widest range of car care for all your cleaning and detailing needs.

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