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Microfibre and Polishing Cloths

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Bowden's Own Wash Pillow - BOWPILLOW
Repco Eclipse Polishing Cloth Ultra Soft 6pk - RMFUS6
Bowden's Own Big Softie Gulf Colors Microfibre Cloth - BOBCY
Velocity Sanding and Polishing Kit 3 Inch
Repco Non Woven Cloth Big Roll 120 Pieces - RCCR72M
Mothers Microfibre Cloth 40x60cm 3pk - MT003
Mothers Polish / Wax / Buff Cloth 3-pack
Armor All Glass Cloth 1pc - AGLASS1/6B
Autoglym Instadry Drying Cloth - AUAAU-ID10AU
Meguiar's Super Shine Microfibre 3pk - X2020
Bowden's Own Dirty Deeds Multi-purpose Cloths - BODD
Autoglym Hi-Tech Microfibre Bundle - AUAAU-BUNDLE
Bowden's Own Microfibre Wash 1L - BOMWASH
Meguiar's Supreme Shine No Smear Glass Cloth - AG3032
Repco Eclipse Microfibre Cloths 50 Piece Box - RCMFB50
Meguiar's Supreme Shine Detailing Cloths Twin Pack - AX2020
Meguiar's Supreme Shine No Smear Glass Cloth Twin Pack - AG3032T
Bowden's Own The Drop Bear Wipe Down Cloth - BODBEAR
Meguiar's Supreme Shine Drying Towel - AX1000
Showing 1 - 20 of 56 products

Car Care Microfibre & Polishing Cloths

Shop Car Care Microfibre and Polishing Cloths

Car care microfibre and polishing cloths are just as important in cleaning your car as a bucket, sponge and car wash. They can be used on the interior and exterior of any vehicle for a variety of different jobs. At Repco we stock some leading brands including Autoglym, ArmorAll, Bowden's Own, Gear Up, Hydrosilex, Gyeon, Repco, Repco Eclipse & Turtle Wax.

What do Car Care Microfibre and Polishing cloths do?

Microfibre car cleaning cloths can be used in a variety of roles when it come to washing your car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, boat or caravan. They perform functions like cleaning glass and mirrors, a drying towel on a freshly washed cars paintwork, polish or wax buffing cloth to remove residue, applicator for interior protectant, a duster for the interior and the list goes on.

The humble microfibre cloth can be used around the house as well. You don't need to restrict its use to the garage as a car cleaning cloth. They can dust, dry, clean mirrors and glass, wipe up dirt and soak up spills.

So don't use any old rags and risk scratches and marking, use a quality microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths can be washed and reused just like a towel. For example, Bowden's Own have bought out a microfibre wash making them easy to clean.

Why do I need Car Care Microfibre and Polishing Cloths

Microfibre cleaning cloths are soft and gentle on clear coat, painted surfaces, chrome, glass and interior trim and used properly will not scratch or mark the surface. The drying microfiber towels are thick and absorbent to quickly soak up water and are easy to dry. When detailing and finishing a car cleaning cloth in microfibre has the features that make it safe on the product and easy to use. A great addition to your car care items.

Our Range of Car Care Microfibre and Polishing Cloths

Microfibre car cleaning cloths come in a range and price to suit everyone. Whether you are buying a Gear Up value pack of 36 cloths or a Meguiar's Supreme Shine Drying Towel they all perform to expectations and keep your vehicle clean. See our range in the car care accessories section in stores and online and choose the cloth that is ideal for the car care chemicals you are using. If not sure, our customer friendly staff can provide the information needed to help you to pick the products you require to do the job. With a store in over 400 locations in Australia, we are bound to have one near you. When there, page through one of our catalogues to find yourself a bargain.

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