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Vehicle Recovery

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Maxi Trac 3.2T Bow Shackles 2pc - MTBS32TS3
Maxi Trac Tree Trunk Protector 12T 3m - MTTTP12TS3
Maxi Trac Snatch Strap 11000kg - MTSS11TS3
Maxi Trac 5pc Snatch Recovery Kit - MTRKSTDS3
Maxi Trac Snatch Strap 8000kg - MTSS8TS3
Maxi Trac 4x4 Winch Damper - MTWDAMPS3
Maxi Trac Collapsible Camp Shovel - MTTFSS3
Maxi Trac Equaliser Strap Kit 8T - MTESK8TS3
Maxi Trac Winch Extension Strap 5000kg 10m - MTWES10S3
Narva Reflector Triangle Red 440mm - 1 Pce - 84250
Maxi Trac Snatch Block 8T - MTSB8TS3
Maxitrac Tow Hook 4500kg Black - MTTHB
Repco Automatic Transmission Filter Kit
Maxi Trac Flexible Recovery Track 1.5m - MTRT1500
Maxi Trac Winch Extension Strap 5000kg 20m - MTWES20S3
Maxi Trac Recovery Hitch Receiver Bow Shackle - MTRHR4.7T
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Strips 20pc - MTTRSS3
Maxi Trac High Lift Jack 2000kg - MTHLJ
Maxi Trac HD Recovery Strap Kit - MTRKHDS3
Maxi Trac High Lift Jack - Wheel Lift - MTHLJWLS3
Showing 1 - 20 of 30 products

Get home safely with our range of vehicle recovery gear

With all the gear to get you and your rig home don't leave home without our range of vehicle recovery products from Repco. Stocking recovery tracks, snatch straps and more, we have the quality 4wd recovery gear to make any trip offroad an enjoyable one. Don't be left stranded in mud pits or bogged in sand when using an array of recovery equipment designed to get you out of trouble and back enjoying the trails.

Whether venturing for a day trip to the local beach or secluded picnic area or setting out for that month long trip into the wilderness you'll be glad you packed the right vehicle recovery gear when you are called upon to use it. It may be a case of misjudging a boggy patch of ground or the need to provide that extra foothold as you scale mountain peaks, but having the right combination of snatch straps, D shackles, winch and recovery tracks will give you the peace of mind to tackle it all with confidence.

As one critical piece of recovery equipment, the emergence of recovery tracks in the last 10-15 years has seen these units become an off road necessity when going bush. Constructed of differing composites, many of the higher end products use fibre-reinforced, engineering grade nylon to provide maximum durability whilst still being extremely flexible and light. These boards are ruggedly constructed to endure extreme pressure and feature substantial grip patterns and in built hand holds making these both a practical investment but also a classy addition to your roof storage on your rig.

Select your vehicle recovery equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry such as MaxiTrac, TRED and Exitrax. When shopping the entire range, we have air deflators, tyre repair kits, 12V air compressors, recovery straps, towing hooks, heavy duty recovery kits, winch strap extensions, folding shovels, steel jacks, and more. At Repco our recovery equipment is tried and tested by both the manufacturer but also many of the staff in store to provide that real world knowledge and experience of what will help you in all situations. Durable, safe and affordable make our range of off road gear the best choice when it comes to seeing the great outdoors.

Gear up with Repco's expertise and high-quality 4x4 offroad equipment to provide the safe and confident offroading experience that comes with being prepared for any outdoor adventure.

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