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Gearup Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror Round 50mm - GUBS6

SKU: A1220032
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$9 each
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  • Easy to install
  • Helps eliminate dangerous blind spots

GearUp Blind Spot Mirrors - Uncover hazardous blind spots, great for towing and regular commenting alike

Anyone who has towed a trailer before knows that you can't get enough when it comes to extra vision of your trailer, the road, traffic and potential hazards. GearUp Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors are the perfect towing companion for towing small to medium trailers. Since these blind-spot mirrors are additional to your car's factory fitted side view mirrors, you can keep them positioned to your liking and then angle your GearUp blind-spot mirrors to enhance road awareness and also offer extra view of the road, keep a watchful eye on your trailer or any combination of the two! Even for motorists who don't tow trailers, a blind spot mirror is really handy bit of kit to expand your field of view whilst driving. Blind-spots that previously posed potential hazards when merging on freeways or navigating tight carparks can be observed in plain view with GearUp blind spot mirrors to encourage confident driving and the highest level of road-safety. According to the national TSA (traffic safety administration, approximately 840,000 blind-spot related accidents occur every single year. Blind spot mirrors are a super cost-effective way to eliminate those blind spots and improve driver safety. A blind spot mirror simply stick onto your existing mirrors and you're ready to go.

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