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Rain-X Anti Fog 103ml - 64 BCAF21112

SKU: A1000802

$20 each

  • Reduces interior fogging and removes smoke residue
  • Fits in glove compartment, door panel or under seat
  • For use on automotive and marine interior glass and mirrors
  • Liquid Interior Glass Anti-Fog products also work great on bathroom mirrors!

Rain-X Interior Glass Anti-Fog

Designed for all interior glass and mirrors, Rain-X Interior Glass Anti-Fog is the quick way to ensure clear fog free vision whether in the car or even in the bathroom at home. Gone are the days of frantically scrubbing your coat sleeve across the windscreen on a cold winters morning as you make the school run or trip to work when this Rain-X product is the perfect solution. Easy to apply, with a small amount going a long way, you can be assured of clear vision and safer driving with just one application

For the last 40 years, Rain-X have been the provider of special technology to help drivers outsmart the elements. With original water beading technology and water repellent characteristics, glass cleaners and glass treatments, Rain-X have lead the way for automotive glass care. Rain-X original line of products are to be used in additional to quality wiper blades to further increase water dispersing and improve vision of the road ahead. In recent times, Rain-X have expanded their comprehensive range to include a range of car care products including car washes, waxes, bug and tar removers and headlight restoration kits which all still lie on Rain-X's principle of outsmarting the elements and repelling moisture as best as possible. Just some of the Rain-X range includes:

  • Original glass water repellent
  • Plastic water repellent
  • Window anti-fog
  • Glass cleaner
  • Headlight restoration kits
  • Car wash
  • Windscreen repair kits

Rain-X products are designed specially to keep driver a confident step ahead of mother nature and drive with confidence, no matter the weather. To shop our entire car care and panel range, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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