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Bowden's Own Fabratection 500ml - BOFTECT

SKU: A6113493

$61 each

  • Great for all interior fabrictrim, from seat belts to fabric seats, carpet and exterior fabric convertible roofs
  • Water based
  • Helps preventliquid stainingfrom accidental
  • Makes your fabric easier to clean
  • Crazy beading
  • Good abrasion resistance, so itwon'twipe off when touched or rubbed.
  • UV protection
  • Will last up to oneyear afterapplication
  • Biodegrable and not bio accumulative
  • Bowden's Owns Own BOFTECT
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Bowden's Own Fabratection - Pro grade, hydrophobic interior fabric protector

Bowden's Own pro-grade super hydrophobic fabric protector is safe for use on Alcantara and microsuedes, biodegradable and works awesome to help keep your fabric protected from stains. With multiple uses, Fabratection is great for all interior fabric trim, from seat belts to fabric seats, carpet, even fantastic for exterior fabric convertible roofs as well. Fabratection makes your fabric easier to clean. It bonds to the fibres, prevents mud, sweat, light oils, food, pet mishaps and other items from penetrating into the fabrics, making it a lot easier to clean off in the event of any spills or mess.

When it comes to cleaning your car, most people imagine their paint gleaming in the sun and beading water droplets when the rinse the wax off, having a clean exterior is paramount for most car fanatics. Think about it though, we're enthusiasts, cars are for driving and we're here to drive them and enjoy them as intended. When you take your car for a thrash through the hills with your mates or a slow cruise along the coast with your partner, you're spending most of the time inside your car. In addition to their colossal range of exterior detailing products, Bowden's Own pride themselves on offering a product line which encompasses all aspects of having a pristine ride. Of course, this means a serious range of interior care products has been put together to cater for all types of interior surfaces including vinyl, leather, and fabrics.

For almost 20 years, Bowden's Own have been formulating and designing a range of exceptional quality car care products for those of us who take pride in our rides. Bowden's Own start from scratch when it comes to developing their optimal formulation, resulting in superior car care products which leave out cheap fillers and harsh chemicals that can cause damage to paintwork with long-term use. Bowden's team of in-house chemistry boffins meticulously develop their formulations to ensure that they can withstand harsh Aussie conditions but still retain simple procedures when it comes to applying the products and cleaning your car. With over 70 products in their car range, Bowden's Own are sure to have the right car washes, polishes and waxes as well as various car care accessories for you to get to work on your car and make it gleam just like the day it rolled off the factory floor.

If you're still trying to find reasons to use a Bowden's Own kit on your car you must be hiding some pretty big secrets. The Bowden family car collection includes a healthy dose of historically significant race cars including Peter Brock's A9X Holden Torana, Dick Johnson's Greens Tuff XE Ford Falcon and various other examples including a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing and a BMW E30 M3 EVO III to name a few. All of these cars use the exact same Bowden's Own car care products that appear on the shelf at your local Repco store, so we reckon if they're fit for Aussie motorsport icons and million-dollar classic Euros, they'll do just fine for any of your race cars, passion projects and daily drivers. To shop the whole range of car care products, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store and talk to one of our team today.