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Seat Belts

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APV Seat Belt Autoliv Seat Belt Extension 23Cm - K6629
Securon Rear Static Lap Seat Belt - 210
Securon Lap Sash Static Seat Belt - 200
Securon Lap Sash Auto Stalk Seat Belt - 500/30
APV Seat Belt Autoliv Seat Belt Retractor Kit - K4425
Securon Lap Seat Belt Static Grey - 210GREY
APV Seat Belt Pretensioner Kit - PE9100

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

IGC Dorel Child Restraint Locking Clip - 14401
APV Seat Belt Child Harness Anchor Bolt Kit - K1697
Automatic Commercial Front Belt - 500CV
Automatic Commercial Front Belt - 500CVGREY
APV Seat Belt Holden Commodore Vr/Vr Rh Rear Blk - K5849
APV Seat Belt Autoliv Seat Belt Extension Strap 300 1000 - K1171
APV RF Seat Belt Plate 50 x 80 - 1244
APV RF Seat Belt Plate 50 x 80 + Nut - 1243
APV RF Seat Belt Plate 40 x 100 + Nut - 1242
APV RF Seat Belt Plate 75 x 32 - 1238
APV Tongue Stop Washer - 118551
Showing 1 - 19 of 20 products

A quality seat belt is a necessity for your vehicle. Trust Repco's extensive range of seat belts

As with any component on your vehicle your seat belt will bear the brunt of use, extremes of temperature as well as dirt and grime. Naturally you need your seat belt to function and perform as required so when looking for new seat belts for your vehicle, trust Repco's range to provide a safe and quality seat belt solution. Stocking the Klippan brand through APV means you have a seat belt manufacturered by an OEM supplier to stringent Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Whether you are looking for new seat belts for a vehicle restoration you are completing or looking for a seat belt extender for a child seat we have the options to ensure you get the right seatbelt suited for your vehicle.

It pays to periodically inspect your vehicles seat belts for wear or damage to ensure you and your family stay safe on the road. Damage can consist of frayed seat belt webbing, broken clips, sun faded clasps and adjusters or sticking retractor mechanisms. All these can lead to your seat belt not operating or performing as it should and you and your families safety could be compromised in the event of an accident.

For the small price of a replacement seat belt or set of belts you can have peace of mind and confidence that your seat belt will function properly when needed most. Browse and shop our extensive array of seat belts online as well as seat belt covers and a whole host of interior accessories designed for both safety but also functionality.

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