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Tyre Inflators

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MaxiTrac Cordless Digital Inflator
Repco Portable Tyre Inflator 12V - RDAC12VP
Slime Tyre Inflator - 12V Gen 2 - 40051
Maxi Trac 12V Digital Display Tyre Inflator
MaxiTrac Double cylinder foot pump with digital gauge - MTDBFP
Mechpro Blue Dial Gauge Tyre Inflator - MPBDCG
Gear Up Foot Pump Single Cylinder

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Maxi Trac Air Inflation Needles 4 Pack - MTI1
Maxi Trac Tyre Inflator - MTTINF
Jamec Pem Tyre Inflator - JP10.2000
Jamec Pem Digital Tyre Inflator Wall Mount - 11.0545
GV Tools Foot Pump Single Cylinder Dia 54X120mm - GVSBFP
Repco Digital Tyre Inflator - RSTAG1
Hand Pump - 47PH
Slime Foot Tyre Inflator Heavy Duty Single - 2063
Mechpro Dial Gauge Tyre Inflator - MPIDG-1
Slime Foot Tyre Inflator Heavy Duty Dual Barrel - 2064
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products

Tyre Inflators

Tyre inflators come in all shapes and sizes and really only have just one job. Put air back into your vehicle tyres. Starting with the age old foot pump that relies on you doing manual work to pump up the tyre to the attachment that sits on the end of an airline hooked up to a large air compressor. There are all sorts of devices in between. Battery powered ones, 240V powered units, to emergency air in a can. If you don't want to rely on going to a petrol station to pump up your tyres, we have an option to suit you and your budget.

You may need a mobile unit you can take with you, especially when heading off road and you need to deflate and inflate your tyres. Air in a can is good in an emergency and with battery powered tools getting more and more popular, they even have tyre inflators as part of their range.

Popular Questions Asked

What is the difference between a Tyre Inflator and an Air Compressor?

Tyre Inflators pretty much just do that. Inflate tyres or balls or an air mattress. It may need a rest while pumping up a large air mattress. They don't have air storage tanks so only pump air when turned on.

Air Compressors have an air storage tank so do not need to be on to deliver air. The pump fills it full of air and when the air pressure drops to a certain level it refills the tank. They can also deliver a greater air pressure and can be used to run air tools, spray paint and a host of other things.

What to look for when buying a Tyre Inflator

  • The first thing is Air Pressure. What is the maximum pressure you need to inflate the tyre or whatever it is you need to fill with air. The inflator needs to handle this and buy one slightly more powerful than what you need. EG if the item needs a maximum of 80psi buy a 90 or 100psi inflator.
  • Power Source if required. Do you need portability or is it only going to live in the garage.
  • Inflation Time or Air Volume in litres per minute. When on, how much air can the inflator push out. The greater this is, the quicker it pumps things up.
  • Gauge Accuracy and how easy it is to read.
  • Duty Cycle if electric. When inflators get hot, which they all do as they pump constantly, how long is it off compared to being on. The off time is always longer. This is not always that vital unless you are pumping large volumes of air.

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