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Tow Hitches & Couplings

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Trojan Coupling Lock - Suit TC30 - T550304
Trojan Lever Type Coupling - Type 50mm - T993963
Gear Up Trailer Coupling Lock - GUUCL
Trailer Coupling Lock Pin - TRTA120
Anti-theft Trailer Lock 50mm - TL250MM
Repco Tow Hitch Adjustable - RTH52QADJ
Repco Tow Hitch Adjustable Reach 52mm - RTH52ADJ
Repco Tow Hitch Adjustable Reach 6 Way - RTH52DRADJ
Trojan Lever Type Coupling - Type 17/8 - T993965
Sparex Top Link Pin Cat 1 (3/4In) x 102mm - S900074
Sparex Top Link Pin Cat 1 (3/4In) X127mm - S900077
Repco 2 Pc Split Pin & Hook Set - RST238
Sparex Top Link Pin Cat 2 (1In) X 142mm - S905361
Repco Towing Hitch Pin - RTHP
Repco Lynch Pin 8mm - TRTA110
Sparex Hitch Pin With Chain & Linch Pin 22mm - S900405
Trojan Lynch Pin 8mm Diameter - T333010
Trojan Hinge Pins Weld-On 1/2IN - T332100
Trojan Lynch Pins 10mm - Pair - T333015
Showing 1 - 20 of 55 products

Tow Hitches & Trailer Couplings

A tow bar tongue marries up with a trailer coupling so a vehicle can tow. The trailer coupling is on all types of trailers, boat trailers and caravans. Most are the ball type but there are now a lot of variations to this as we are importing a lot of trailers. Likewise on the tow bar tongue side. There are adjustable ones, ones with additional mounts to add on bike carriers, European tow bars and long neck hitches. Most still have a tow ball but there are different types appearing especially for off road use and some of the larger caravans.

They can now all be classified under the word tow hitch. This is the new two word phrase that seems to cover everything from the tow bar to a trailers A frame or drawbar. The important thing is they are the connection between trailer and vehicle.

Popular Questions Asked

Why do I need an Adjustable Tow Hitch?

These are handy if you own more than one trailer or simply want the flexability of being able to tow most trailers. When towing, the car and trailer should sit level. The problem is most trailers don't sit level when attached to the car as the position of the towbar may not be in the right spot to keep the trailer level. You compensate for this by getting a tongue or hitch that corrects the problem, whether you need to raise the tow ball up or drop it down.

Adjustable hitches have a number of mounting holes so the tongue can me moved up or down to compensate and level the trailer. If you have a number of trailers, instead of buying a hitch to suit each one you simply adjust the hitch. This is also very handy if borrowing a trailer.

What does a Weight Distribution Hitch do?

Weight distribution hitches, also known as load levellers or equalisers are a very helpful device to distribute the load and help reduce sway. It reduces the sag in the middle when the trailer weight is on the tow ball and the front of the car and back of the van are pointing upwards. They keep the level correct between the tow vehicle and the caravan making braking and steering easier.

What is a 5th Wheel or Goose Neck Hitch?

These are designed to sit on a flat tray or on the bed of a pick-up truck like a Ford F150 or Chevrolet Silverado. They turn the tow vehicle into a mini semi-trailer. Some big caravans are now like this and car or livestock transporters as well. You don't need the outlay or expense of a big truck and your pick-up can be used normally when not towing. They can take heavy loads and the weight of the trailer is not pushing down on the back of the vehicle.

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