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Replacement Wheels & Tyres

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Trojan Trailer Wheel Rim 15inch x 6inch Galvanised - T535055
Trojan Galvanised Trailer Wheel Rim - 12 inch 4x4 - T535003
Trojan Trailer Wheel Rim 14inch x 4 1/2inch Galvanised - T535036
Trojan 13Inch Wheel - 8 Spoke - T535006
Trojan Wheel & Tyre Assembly - 14IN Galv - T522085

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Replacement Wheels & Tyres

It doesn't matter if you have a campervan, caravan, boat trailer, box trailer or tandem trailer they all need wheels and tyres to go on the road. Having a good set of wheels and tyres on your trailer is just as important as on your car. Neglected, they can wear excessively or blow out if the air pressure is incorrect, slide on wet roads if the tread is badly worn and can delaminate if they are too old to be used. At a minimum simply keeping them topped up with air is important and then, depending on use, a regular service check is required.

It is not just the rubber tyres. The metal rims can rust over time, especially if left out in the weather or in the case of a boat trailer, in and out of salt water.

The good thing is they are not difficult to replace. You can replace rim and tyre as one or simply go to a tyre service and just replace the rubber tyre. Selecting the right tyres is easy as all tyres are marked with dimensions on their sidewall and tyre packages are available at most places. If changing the wheel rims you need to know width, diameter and stud pattern.

Stud Patterns

Stud patterns on trailers tended to mimic popular cars like Holdens & Fords as rims were very plentiful and your cars spare wheel could then fit your trailer. This meant you didn't need to carry a spare wheel for the trailer. In todays diverse car park things like Land Cruiser wheels are now becoming popular. When buying a trailer of any description it is handy to know the stud pattern. Don't panic if you don't as your local tyre service can help identify it for you.

At Repco we sell complete wheel and rim packages in various sizes and bolt patterns to suit trailers. If you need replacements have a look online and if we don't have what you need, please contact your local Repco store. They can check with the supplier and see if it is available.

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