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Jerry Cans

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Scepter 20L Red Plastic Fuel Jerry Can - RV520
Scepter 20L Red Plastic Fuel Jerry Can - 07694
Scepter 5L Green Plastic 2 Stroke Fuel Container - FFSG10G
Scepter Fuel Jerry Can 25 litre
Mechpro Blue Battery Operated Electric Siphon Pump - MBESP
Scepter Jerry Can Parts Kit - 03647
Scepter 10L Red Plastic Fuel Jerry Can - 07779

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Scepter Stopper Set - 3 Piece - 08499
Scepter 20L Blue Plastic Water Jerry Can with Pourer - 04933
Mechpro Blue Siphon Pump - MBSP
Scepter 20L Plastic Diesel Fuel Jerry Can - 08837
Scepter 20L Plastic Diesel Fuel Jerry Can 20L - 03711
Scepter 6L / 2.5L Red Plastic Fuel Jerry Can Combo - J63
Repco 1L Fuel Mixing Bottle - RFMB1LT
Gear Up 2m Jiggle Siphon - GUJS2M
Campmaster 20L Clear Collapsible Water Container - CM5305
Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products

Water & Fuel storage for Camping and Road Trips

Shop Water and Fuel Storage

Water and and especially fuel are important items you need to think about when it comes to storing them. Having the correct container for the job is vital and at Repco we have some great brands that will do the job like BMW, Scepter & Repco.

What does a Water or Fuel Storage Container do?

Whether it is in the garage or in or on a vehicle trekking across Australia, the right container can make all the difference and help your water stay drinkable and your fuel usable. If you are travelling in the dry desert air or in the pouring rain of a mountain forest, a good water storage or fuel storage container needs to keep the weather out and the contents in. They need to seal well, be easy to fill, pour well and be robust enough to withstand travelling on rough roads.

Water Storage Containers

Lets start with water storage as it is the is the easiest. Water tanks come in all shapes and sizes from massive storage tanks to look after a house to your smaller take on a road or camping trip variety. The important choice when buying a water tank is are you using it as drinking water or simply for cleaning or topping up the engine coolant? Most of these tanks are plastic and need to be durable and reliable when taking them on the road.

If you buy the drinking water safe water tank then it covers all your needs. Water is heavy and takes up storage space, so how much water you should take on a trip depends on where you are going and how easy it is to get water. The more remote the place, the better your planning needs to be to avoid issues.

Fuel Storage Containers

Fuel storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Whether storing fuel in the garden shed for the lawn mower or taking along a 20L fuel tank for that outback road trip it is vital to ensure the tank is manufactured to hold your petrol or diesel fuel in safety without any fluid or vapour leaks.

Jerry cans are very popular fuel tanks and were a German design dating back to World War 2. Made from metal and well designed to take the heat of battle they have stood the test of time. The only thing that they are susceptible to is rust, usually caused by condensation on the inside of the can.

Plastic has developed to be the suppliers choice of material in the manufacture of modern fuel cans. A full 20L can is heavy even if it is made of plastic and not ideal for loading on a vehicles roof rack when touring.

Our Range of Water Storage, Fuel Storage

At Repco see our range of selected water and fuel storage products either online in in store. Compare the range and prices to get a product to suit your needs and budget. We have parts and accessories to keep your can working as it should and a range of funnels and spouts to assist with making pouring easy. With almost 400 stores, you can find the nearest store in your area to purchase your automotive products.

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