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Picnic Accessories

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Butane Gas Cartridge - Premium 4 pack
Maxi Trac Picnic Rug with Carry Strap
Repco Umbrella - UMBRELLA19
Gear Up Tidy Bags 60 Pack

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Picnic Accessories

Picnics are a great outdoor event and if you come well prepared and the weather gods are smiling at you then it makes it a great afternoon. Nothing beats the great outdoors on a nice summer day, either at a beach or park enjoying the sunshine. The picnic is usually a lunch time thing though evenings for dinner when it is cooler is also popular.

If you are inexperienced in these sorts of things here is a bit of a checklist you can use to get organised. This makes it an enjoyable experience for all concerned.

The Picnic Rug or Blanket - Ideally waterproof on one side so it can be put on damp grass and carpet on the other so it provides a level of comfort. I find it handy to leave one in the car as they can roll up to quite a compact size.

The Picnic Basket - These were the old wicker baskets and would hold the picnic set. This comprised of plates, bowls, cutlery & mugs, all the things you eat and drink with. The wicker basket may now be a zip lock bag and cheese or pate knives, bottle openers with cork screws and a sharp knife are must haves. Add in napkins, wipes or both for cleaning up.

Food & Drink - Food is best bought in using cooler bags though there are some insulated picnic baskets that will work. It keeps the food cool and fresh. Having it in resealable containers also works well as it stops spillage, helps control odours and stops insects getting to it. For drinks the old esky with ice takes a lot of beating. It keeps things cold longer and you can use the ice in drinks.

Other accessories include insect spray to keep the bugs off you, sunscreen to stop you getting burnt which includes wearing a hat or some sort of head cover. An umbrella is handy to have if the weather gods appear to be undecided. Please dispose of any rubbish in bins provided so the next lot of people to use the place can enjoy it as much as you have.

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