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Mud Flaps

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Maxi Trac PVC Mud Flaps 235 x 350mm - MTMG235350
Maxi Trac PVC Mud Flaps 280 x 355mm - MTMG280355
Maxi Trac PVC Mud Flaps 230 x 345mm - MTMG230345
Maxi Trac PVC Mud Flaps 285 x 285mm - MTMG285285
Maxi Trac PVC Mud Flaps 190 x 210mm - MTMG190210
ACL Mud Flaps 240mm x 400mm - HT138P
Maxi Trac PVC Mud Flaps 245 x 400mm - MTMG245400

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

R.M Williams Mud Flaps 360mm x 230mm - MDRMW
Motogard Mud Flaps 4pk - MGMF4
Maxi Trac PVC Mud Flaps 235 x 255mm - MTMG235255
R.M Williams Truck Mud Flaps 600mm x 450mm - MDRMT
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps perform a number of functions and are a practical accessory to fit to your vehicle. Not always glamourous as most are simply patterned black rubber or urethane though you can get ones that are branded or sloganed to jazz them up a bit. The larger or taller the vehicle the more important they are. On trucks they are virtually compulsory.

As the rear wheels on a vehicle rotate they throw up anything they contact on the roads surface to the rear of the vehicle. The faster the vehicle is travelling the greater the debris they throw out. This is dust, sand, stones, leaves, twigs and if raining water spray and mud. Mud flaps reduce this stream of debris and reduce the likelyhood of it hitting the vehicle behind and help stop it hitting the rear of your vehicle. This can damage the paintwork and even dent it.

Popular Questions Asked

Are mud flaps easy to install?

Mud flaps are simple to install. Some will use existing mounting holes if vehicle specific. There are no special tools required.

Do I need mud flaps for both the front and rear wheels?

If living on a dirt or country road or you like regularly going bush then definitely do both front and rear wheels. If city or freeway driving then just rear mud flaps is OK.

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