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Flare Kits

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Maxi Trac Fender Flare Kit - 79mm x 3mtr - MTFF90
Maxi Trac Fender Flare Kit - 51mm x 3mt - MTFF50

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products

4WD Flare Kits

4wd flare kits are primarily designed so you can add wider tyres to your 4x4 and the wheels will still still fit under the guards. These are vehicle specific and designed to fit the shape and contour of your trucks body. They have cut outs for fuel fillers and some have studs visible on the outside and some have them hidden so the flare is nice and smooth. You could paint them to match your body colour or leave them in the black plastic finish to save scuffing the paintwork against bushes or branches. They use a rubber seal between the flare and the body to stop dirt dust and muddy water coming up through any gaps.

The kits are available in 6 or 9 inch varieties and it does not require any drilling or cutting of factory panels. This is a bonus if you change your mind and decide to remove them or make your vehicle look 'stock' before reselling it. Everything you need comes in the kit including instructions

Popular Questions Asked

What size fender flares do I need?

You need to fit your new rim & tyre to your truck. Preferably one front one and one rear one. Then you can measure both the front and rear. Odds are the measurements will be the same but it pays to check. Also roping someone in to help is a good idea as then you can measure more accurately.

Next you need a straight edge which needs to be taller than the top of each wheel arch and a tape measure. Can be a piece of wood, steel, pipe even broom or mop handle as long as it doesn't bend or flex. Put one end on the ground and hold it against the tyre in the centre of the wheel. Then use your tape measure to measure the distance from the top of the wheel arch opening across to the straight edge and try and keep the tape parallel to the tyre tread. You now know why the second person is really handy at this point.

It doesn't hurt to measure it a few times to verify your distance. Do this front and back. The biggest number is the flare size you need. Check with the supplier on their flare sizes and always go slightly bigger than smaller.

Are fender flares a good idea?

If your wheels stick out past the fenders or mud guards it is a legal requirement to have them covered up if on a public road. Basically a tyre needs to fit under the guard. No different from a car.

Do fender flares require drilling?

Most don't. They simply use the screws or clips that hold the inner fender to the outer guard around the edge of the wheel arch. This way they are easy to remove if required.

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