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Mechpro Blue Folding Engine Crane 1000kg - MPBFEC1

SKU: A1334813
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$500.80 each
Save $125.20

  • Adjustable Boom
  • Working load limit: 1000kg
  • 4 hole capacity: 250kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg
  • 1 Year Warranty

Mechpro Blue Engine Crane - for the professional automotive DIYer working from home

The Mechpro Blue Engine Crane is the ideal choice for the home DIYer looking to extend his range of tools and garage equipment. It caters for 1000kg working load limit and offers an adjustable boom which provides the flexibility to accomodate a variety of engines. The strong steel swivel casters will allow you to easily manouvre your Engine Crane away from your vehicle and into your safe working area. The extendable boom or arm will allow you to reach deep into the engine bay or compartment. There is a 4 hole capacity that comes with the Mechpro Blue Engine Crane at 250kg, 500kg, 750kg and finally 1000kg. The unit weighs 65kgs and folds away for easy storage. But why stop there? Mechpro Blue also offer an engine stand, an engine leveller, an engine support bar and lifting slings to help compliment the job at hand.

Product Specifications include:

  • Lifting range: 25mm - 2040mm
  • Dimensions folded: 570x480x1503mm
  • Foldable leg extended length: 1540mm
  • Minimum boom lifting height: 25mm at 250kg
  • Maximum boom lifting height: 2040mm at 250kg

You can find these products and more by clicking the Engine Crane and Accessories link.

Are you like us and love to spend weekends and evenings after work in the garage, fixing or servicing or modifying your car? Do you look forward to track days, off-road adventures, road trips, or just fixing the parts that break instead of paying a professional? Then you, like us, are the professional DIYer and you need the range of Mechpro Blue tools and garage equipment when getting to work on all of your projects. If you're looking to add a few extra tools to your existing arsenal or wanting to start from scratch with a fresh tool kit, Mechpro Blue is designed for you. When you are dreaming of suspension upgrades, the tools you need are Mechpro Blue. When you are looking to adjust your carby to squeeze out every last possible horsepower, Mechpro Blue is there. When you just need to do that fluid change on the driveway and change out some filters, Mechpro Blue is there.

The Mechpro Blue range is vast. It offers the tools and equipment required for anything from small tasks in the garage, year-long restoration or modification projects or even big clean-up tasks, the Mechpro Blue range has you covered with gear including:

  • Complete tool kits
  • Tool storage boxes, cabinets, shelving
  • Electric or petrol pressure washers
  • Air tools and compressors
  • Various hand tools including sockets, spanners and screwdrivers
  • Parts washers
  • Engine cranes and stands

At Repco, we can help your kit out your tool library in no time with all the necessary gear for your own unique application. Mechpro Blue offers strong and versatile tools that don't cost the earth, so you can focus on the job at hand and pour money into new go-fast bits for your track car, kit out your 4x4 with all the best touring gear or just buy some new fluids and filters for the daily driver.To shop the whole range of engine stand and jacks, tools and equipment including jack stands and part washers browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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