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Repco Oil Filter Wrench 3 Jaw 2 Way - RST176

SKU: A1226536

$39 each

  • Removes and replaces oil filters located in difficult to access positions
  • Size ranges from 65mm - 114mm (2-1/2 inch - 4-1/2 inch)
  • Suits 3/8 inch & 1/2 inch Dr. Rachet or 21mm spanner

Repco Oil Filter Wrench 3 Jaw 2 Way

Oil filter wrenches are a staple of any workshop or home garage and with Repco's extensive range you can be assured of choosing the right one to help you get your oil changes done with a minimum of fuss and effort. With many quality brands such as Ryco, Toledo and Repco our selection of wrenches will help to loosen the most stubborn of oil filters and ensure your new filter is then tight and secure for trouble free motoring.

Todays tightly packed modern engine bays have come at the expense of having adequate space to work on servicing your car and the access to the oil filter is usually the first casualty. Being tucked down in the bowels of the engine behind covers and other accessories makes it extremely difficult to access but also remove. Therefore having the right oil filter wrench to remove your oil filter is important as many critical parts operate around it and using the wrong tool for the job can lead to not just mess but also damage and further expense to these parts. Performing an oil change on your car is one of the most straight forward jobs that can be done by the competant home mechanic and in addition to an oil filter wrench, this can be completed with suitable axle stands and ramps, oil pan and funnel and a socket or spanner to undo the sump plug. This basic but vital piece of maintenance can help you save money but also give you the satisfaction of having a clean filter and oil to prolong your engines life and give you more trouble free kilometres of driving.

Shop online or in store today and see our extensive range of oil filter wrenches and ensure your oil changes are handled with ease.