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Tridon Wiper Blade 405mm (16 inch) - TBL16

SKU: A1141355

$33 each

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  • Provide the driver with perfect visibility of their vehicle.
  • Ensure perfect initial wiping quality
  • 405 length

Tridon Wiper Blade 405mm (16 inch)

Tridon, have you set when it comes to wiper refills and wiper blades with premium quality replacement to suit a wide variety of vehicles.

When it comes to vision impairment when wet, it is vital that you change your wiper blades. With Australia and New Zealand’s weather being unpredictable with sunshine one minute and rain the next, never be left wondering if your next trip in the car if your wiper blades are going to do the job. Just like changing your tyre, changing your brakes or globes wiper blades need to be regularly checked to ensure optimum performance. This is commonly overlooked by all of us, with Tridon providing you with protection, safety, and comfort. You will feel at ease to get back on the road with self-assurance that your vision is clear whenever you jump in the car.

When do I change my windscreen wipers?

  • It's advised that you should replace your wiper blades every 12 to 24 months or as soon as you notice any of the other points below
  • you should replace your windscreen wipers if they are chattering and shuddering on the windscreen
  • you should replace your wiper blades if they are smearing instead of clearing the water from your windshield
  • you should replace your wipers if they are streaking and not making contact with parts of your windscreen

Tridon have been building a solid reputation for the past 45 years has seen Tridon become an integral part of the Australian and New Zealand automotive landscape with their commitment to a diverse range of aftermarket products and components. Whether ducking into a service station late at night for a replacement wiper blade or trying to find the right parts when replacing your thermostat, you can be assured that the right parts for these jobs have the Tridon name on them. From automotive fluid caps through to wiper blades the Tridon range is constantly expanding to cover the widest variety of vehicles on road and all backed by real world testing and quality construction.

Whether it is finding the right cooling parts for your vehicle through to the vast array of replacement switches and sensors to keep your cars vital signs in check you can have confidence that Tridon parts will fit, perform and last as expected. Shop the extensive range of Tridon quality products online or in store at Repco and clock up the kilometres with confidence.

If your windscreen wipers are shuddering, smearing, or simply not making contacting your windscreen correctly it is advised that you replace your wiper blades. If you're unsure on when it's the right time to replace your wiper blades or need some know how tips on how to change your wiper blades, check out our handy Wiper Blades: Everything You Need To Know About Changing Them page. To shop our range of windscreen wiper components and windscreen additives browse the website or visit your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff today.

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