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Champion Zinc Plated Split Pins 1.6 x 22mm Pack - BH178

SKU: A1003834

$13 each

  • 1.6mm x 22mm
  • Zinc Plated
  • Pack Size: 40

Made by leading OEM manufacturers, Fuelmiser have the quality parts you need

The basic premise of the internal combustion engine hasn't changed in over a hundred years, but the science and technology behind creating and delivering that power has advanced out of sight. Fuelmiser understand the need for both a comprehensive range of parts to fit the modern vehicles of today but also to be produced by world leading manufacturers that give customers the reliability and peace of mind as they use their vehicles. Modern automotive components run with such fine tolerances that any number of small faults can lead to big repair bills down the track so step up to quality Fuelmiser products covering all facets of vehicle and engine management control.

With over 45 product groups, Fuelmiser manufactures the latest technology advancements adapted for the aftermarket to offer you a high level of confidence in their products and performance. With most popular late model applications considered in their comprehensive range, just some of the products Fuelmiser offer include:

The rapidly advancing technology from automotive manufacturers has meant that although we have vehicles that are inherently cleaner, more efficient and more feature packed, we are also at the mercy of the many sensors, switches, control modules and valves that can and do go wrong. Fuelmiser's range of over 5500 individual parts, all covered by a 2 year / 40,000km warranty, will keep you on the road and have your vehicle running it's best. Use our convenient online rego search tool or come in store today and speak with one of our friendly staff about the right Fuelmiser products for your vehicle. Whether it be the tiniest o-ring for a fuel injector through to coil packs or EFI fuel pumps, Fuelmiser have it.

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