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Gates Heater Hose

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  • Molded to Fit Specific Applications
  • Cover is heat and ozone resistant
  • Resists electrochemical degradation which is the leading cause of hose failure

Gates Replacement Heater Hose - OEM quality, fit and performance

The Gates Replacement Heater Hose range has been designed with the consumer in mind. Offering OEM quality, fit and performance, Gates Heater Hoses make a great replacement for worn-out, dry and brittle original hoses. Each Gates heater hose is specially moulded to match the route of the original hose and even include heat shielding and specialist clamps where necessary to ensure simple fitment. Gates coolant hoses will match or even out-perform the OE equivalent in terms of service life so you can drive with confidence that your coolant will remain inside the engine and your heater can continue to pump hot air into the cabin on those frosty winter mornings. To ensure the best possible quality and performance as well as compatibility with popular automotive manufacturers, the Gates team have constructed their heater hoses to comply with SAE 20R4 and 20R3 Type EC Class D-1 and D-2 specifications.

Keep your engine at optimal running temperature all year round by maintaining your cooling system on a regular basis, make sure you check and top up your coolant, check for leaks around the hoses and radiator, feel for hose weakness from electrochemical degradation (ECD) and tighten up any loose radiator hose clamps. For best results we recommend servicing your cooling system every 4-5 years by flushing the system, replacing radiator hoses, thermostat, coolant and heater hoses. Doing preventative maintenance like this on a regular basis makes for worry-free driving all year round without the fear of unexpected breakdowns on the side of the road.

How to check coolant hose for the effects of ECD:

  • Make sure the engine is cool
  • Use fingers and thumb to check for weakness
  • Squeeze near the clamps and connectors ECD occurs within two inches of the ends of the hose - not in the middle
  • Check for any difference in the feel between the middle and ends of the hose. Gaps or channels can be felt along the length of the hose where it has been weakened by ECD. If the ends are soft and feel mushy, chances are the hose is under attack by ECD and should be replaced immediately to minimise failure

Gates are one of the biggest names in the game when it comes to radiator hose, heater hose, fuel hose, and other automotive hoses, drivebelts, timing belt kits, and drive belt pulleys. With a world-wide brand, you can trust that the product is tested to be safe for all weather and road conditions. Check out the entire Gates range online using the REGO search tool or visit your nearest Repco store to speak with our friendly staff today.