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Gates Drive Belt Idler Pulley - 36372

SKU: A1220697

$236 each

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  • Steel and thermoplastic construction for high durability and heat dissipation
  • Superior resistance to dirt, salt, chemicals and under hood contaminants
  • OE quality fit to a wide variety of applications
  • Reliable and engineered for long life

Gates DriveAlign Drivebelt Pulleys

Gates DriveAlign Idler and drive belt pulleys are critical components for smooth engine operation and running of your vehicles cooling and charging systems. You can often tell when a drive belt pulley needs to be replaced by the screeching and wiring noises that are made, mainly on cold start up. due to their inexpensive price we recommend your also to replace your drive belt pulley whenever you replace a drive belt or accessory belt such as an alternator or air conditioning belt. Replacing the pulley prevents any further repairs of these systems later down the track. Gates Idler and Drive Belt pulleys offer a precise OE fit for a wide array of applications. With Gates DriveAlign drive belt pulleys, you'll get performance that's equal to or better than the original.

Gates are one of the biggest names in the game when it comes to radiator hose, heater hose, fuel hose, and other automotive hoses, drive belts, timing belt kits, and drive belt pulleys. With a worldwide brand, you can trust that the product is tested to be safe for all weather and road conditions. Check out the entire gates range online or visit your nearest Repco store to speak with our friendly staff.

Pulley Section
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter