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What is a car alarm

When it comes to car safety, we understand the importance of a high-quality car alarm system. With innovative technology and competitive prices, our range of car alarms is the ideal choice for you.

A car alarm is an electronic device that is installed in a vehicle to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its contents, or both. Car alarms work by emitting high-volume sound (often a vehicle-mounted siren, or attached to the vehicle's own horn, or a combination of these) when the conditions necessary for triggering it are met.

Such car alarms may also cause the vehicle's headlights to flash, may notify the car's owner of the incident via a paging system, and may interrupt one or more electrical circuits necessary for the car to start.

Inexpensive to acquire and install, the effectiveness of such car alarms in deterring vehicle burglary or theft far outweighs the cost.

Regardless of your car alarm system needs, we have the right solution for you. To learn more about the complete range of car alarms, contact our experts today. With over 400 locations country wide, you'll be sure to find an outlet near you.

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